What is this and who are you?

VLNLAB has created the world's first concert-quality 3D printed violin and viola and is the brainchild of a lifelong music enthusiast, violist, and luthier.

What's the instrument like? Can it match conventional wood instruments in terms of tonal quality?

In a word, yes. In more words, we're making instruments that you or your kids will want to play all the time. Instruments that you'll want to listen to them play! And instruments that serious players will find to have a quality setup and the flexible timbre of something much more expensive. Check out the video for our Kickstarter launch campaign below:

Do I need to worry about humidity, temperature, or extreme weather with VLN and VLA?

Unless you find yourself in the midst of a nuclear war or happen to walk into an active volcano, you should generally be fine. That's the point, actually: this is your gig-proof, kid-proof, outdoors-proof, go-anywhere instrument.

What about maintenance?

For the most part, VLN and VLA require little or no maintenance.

What about alternative musical styles? Can I install a pickup?

Absolutely - any standard pickup designed for use with a violin or viola instrument should do the job nicely.