James W. Meng

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I grew up in an household with two generations of significant American technology industry figures close to hand - my grandfather, who masterminded the launch of SBS-1, Earth's first commercial digital communications satellite, in 1980; and my mother, who had done much of the key research for the computer models underlying the first quantitative-strategy hedge fund at Niederhoffer & Partners in the 1970s. I began programming in BASIC on a PC-compatible Tandy laptop at roughly 5 years of age and also on an Apple II shortly thereafter, and built my first PC from generic AT-compatible 80286 components at roughly age 9. I have been an hobbyist programmer ever since, am a skilled systems administrator and technician, and also invented the first 3D-printable concert violin and viola and wrote several crucial, related pieces of software including but not limited to having created two special-purpose distributions of Linux, now defunct. Along the way I also became a skilled violin maker, dealer, and expert; played the viola professionally in a symphony orchestra during my 3rd year of university; and became a decent car mechanic.

Those who know me, know that I make no secret of the fact that my life has been extremely unpleasant as a result of extensive illegal political persecution at the hands of criminal elements in the US Government. Having grown up around someone who had launched a commercial satellite that was powered by weapons-grade plutonium, I was tacitly expected, by government-funded criminals, to voluntarily subject myself to perpetually low wages and all-encompassing confidentiality agreements on everything that was nothing more than obsolete childhood dining-table chatter to me by joining the military. George W. Bush was busying himself with turning the better-run countries of the Middle East into parking lots at the time. So I refused, and after finishing bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and Russian at the University of Florida and a master's degree at London Business School, interspersed with recoveries from several severe U.S. government-sanctioned poisoning attempts, I built a private-sector career instead - in finance, auctioneering, and biotechnology - until someone atttempted and failed to assassinate me by rigging my car to fly off a cliff in the Pennsylvania mountains a few days before Christmas 2016. I subsequently fled to Russia, where I lived and worked as a translator, teacher, and systems administrator for almost three years before returning to the United States in early 2020, and then spent just one year on Long Island with relatives until fleeing the country again after another poisoning rendered me temporarily deaf in April 2021. I renounced U.S. "citizenship" in February 2022 and now live in Europe for political asylum.

While at first glance it may seem that I have had an auspicious and widely-varied career and should be rich already, the truth of the matter is that most of my roles in employment have come as a result of effective enslavement by Jewish criminals and at well-below-market wages. In the Americas, some of this might be attributed to ethnic discrimination as my ancestry is primarily Eastern European - German, Polish, and Hungarian. But the reality is that even prior to my adult life, I was also a victim of extensive illegal psychological and psychiatric/medical experimentation at the hands of the Anglo-American military-funded Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. The IAHP, run by an high-school-educated former British military officer named Glenn Doman, now deceased, victimized several hundred children, primarily European, African, and Japanese-Americans throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s in the context of an educational programme for gifted children from intellectually-gifted families within those ethnic groups, targeting them for persecution almost from birth so they would not interfere with the USA's underqualified and undercapable Anglo leadership class - Earth's day-glo niggers, if you like. Much of the program involved an almost Pavlovian training of the parents, so that they would respond to cues to abuse their children in various ways based on allegorical cues presented through day-to-day communication channels: mail, phone, teletype, etc. Parents were often provided with financial and other material incentives to carry out this abuse. Many went their entire careers effectively having been paid for nothing other than abusing their children well into adulthood, often tearing their entire families apart in the process.

Why the IAHP did what they did I can't say, having not been involved in any of the decision-making processes. Even those who were on the board - and my father was, for a few years - were not let into the inner sanctum of decision-making at IAHP. But unlike Glenn Doman, I have had some solid statistical training, as well as training in microbiology, biochemistry, and physiology. I believe that what the IAHP exists to maintain in the USA is 'regression to the mean'. That is, the cash cow for IAHP was the program for mentally retarded children, many of whom were always Anglo, while the testbed full of nightmarishly intelligent Europeans was the gifted programme; the goal being to 'achieve' a 'human' potential from both groups (elite European intellects and their consistently overwhelming tendency to beat Anglo-Americans at anything was always something non-human to Doman and his sycophants and the rest of America's White Anglo Field Peasant community).

As a result of the lifelong and ongoing persecution associated with the IAHP programme and of broader trends in the American labor market, which is today deeply inverted to favor Anglos, recent immigrants, and others among the underqualified, I have been forced to flee the USA several times to seek political asylum - in Russia, Switzerland, and Canada. In the process, I amassed an enormous amount of intelligence on US Government corruption of foreign governments and political refugee processes globally that has now been disseminated worldwide in support of clear-thinking governments and anti-corruption efforts. While I am not involved in espionage, I firmly believe that the USA is a failed rogue state that must be disarmed and contained immediately; its currency removed from global reserve and intermediary roles; and its territory returned to Britain and reorganized as an externally-governed colony. I believe that this challenge of bringing the USA to heel is the greatest and most important global challenge of our time: the USA has totally inverted its labor market in favor of an historically-illiterate Anglo peasant population descended mostly from severely mentally ill criminal religious fundamentalist agricultural laborers. Virtually everything they have built or requested built since the death of Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev in 1982 has been poorly-conceived, badly-engineered garbage that has led global society in the wrong direction, both environmentally and technologically. Their military interventions on the world stage are frighteningly dangerous to the future of global human civilization as they have rapidly reversed human evolution in every theatre of war since 1945. It is time for the international community to intervene and avert the tragic catastrophe of Anglo-Americanism.