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This page exists to document the various acts of abuse and criminality carried out against me by the United States Government. Over the course of the last three years, the U.S. Government and its security agencies have made my life all but unliveable. This has constituted everything from repeated hacking of my computers to slow my progress on various business interests, current and former, which among other things resulted in the creation of Slic3r LIVE and PLF Computing; attempted theft of the intellectual property associated with VLNLAB via corruption in the U.S. Patent Office; attempts to lock me out of the American job market; the destruction of my then-new marriage; multiple attempts at sabotage of my personal vehicles, one of which ultimately constituted attempted vehicular homicide; a failed attempt to throw me in jail on a falsified domestic violence charge against my illegitimate half-brother in my own home that was so poorly carried out that the Chief Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court, Barbara Madsen, presided over my release hearing in a Seattle City Courtroom under an assumed name to attempt to keep the situation under control; a failed poisoning attempt while abroad in Moscow; another failed attempt to take a personal vehicle off the road via a staged, head-on crash; and multiple failed attempts to bribe various low-level authorities and other private individuals in Russia to otherwise create inconvenience in my daily life.

Standard procedure for the U.S. Government in such situations is to accuse the victims of criminality or mental illness, while provoking targets into exhibiting behaviors that support those accusations. In my case, they have failed entirely to accomplish this and therefore cannot make these accusations against me. And to drive that point home, I am now making available to the general public a wide range of documentation of the improper actions taken against me so that in the future, it will be harder and harder for the U.S. Government's security services to do this ever again to anyone else.

Readers may recall a shooting, now classified by the U.S. Government as a "terrorist attack" on 2nd December 2015, whose primary perpetrator became known as "The San Bernardino Shooter". In the ensuing investigative debacle, the issue of breaking into the shooter's iPhone was raised. Apple, seizing the opportunity to tout their devices' security features, announced after allowing some time for public deliberation in the media, that they would not assist the American FBI in gaining access to the now-deceased shooter's iPhone to aid in the investigation. Following a modicum of public outrage, primarily from conservative groups who seized upon the opportunity to accuse Muslim immigrants of anything and everything possible in the run-up to the U.S. Presidential election, the FBI allegedly hired a private security contractor at the cost of over US$1 million to break the iPhone's security defenses and unlock the shooter's PIN-code secured device.

I reference this story because it is widely known due to the associated press coverage, as well as the fact that its entire premise is false. The United States Government's security services have long had root-level access to iPhone, iPod, and iPad device-level systems as well as total, complete back-end access to all user information stored in Apple's iCloud. I discuss this in some detail in the VLNLAB Release Note, but the reason I mention it here is that I want to begin this explanation by showing you an image that will prove this without a doubt: a screenshot taken from my iPhone SE several days before Christmas 2016 in the midst of an attempted vehicular homicide against me via sabotage to my 1997 Jaguar. At the time this screenshot was taken, I was driving through the mountains of Pennsylvania on I-80 East. My car's (mechanical) throttle had been sabotaged to stay open at highway speeds, the driver's side wheel bearing sabotaged to break, and the brake lines altered in such a way that, in theory, as the wheel bearing broke, the brake lines would be pulled into the brake caliper and, upon the brakes being depressed hard enough, the lines would be cut, causing the entire front channel of the brake system to fail.

You will note an information bubble on the map: "Shades of Death". Presumably a reference to the popular novel "50 Shades of Grey" set in Seattle, this bubble appeared in reference to a sharp bend in a downhill portion of a serpentine stretch of road. Shortly after it appeared I had the presence of mind to take a screenshot - despite the fact that my car's throttle was stuck open and the front driver's side wheel wobbling on its axis and about to fall off. Upon reaching the point in the road that this bubble referenced, by which point I had slowed the vehicle's speed to roughly 35-40mph by putting on the emergency brake and forcing the automatic transmission into second gear, I confirmed that it was in fact quite a harrowing curve in the road and, naturally, while it was kind of whomever put this information bubble on the screen for my benefit to do so, it was nevertheless obviously illegal for the FBI to set up the entire assassination attempt in the first place: my now 21-year-old Jaguar and its nearly 4000 pound iron block, iron frame construction would have otherwise cut through the flimsy steel guard rail like a hot knife through butter and sent me to my death in a ravine several hundred feet below.

I additionally want to preface myself by documenting the fact that at the time, the FBI were actively preventing me from leaving the United States by claiming, erroneously, upon border admission checks with Canada that there was a felony charge against me in Seattle. For example, in September 2016 I attempted to travel to Canada to the Banff International String Quartet Festival to see an old friend perform. I was refused on the border on the basis of the above false information and the Canadian Border Patrol refused to return my passport, car, car keys, and even my dog - who was shivering outside in a crude iron-bar kennel during my two-hour "screening" on the Canadian side of the border - to me until I signed the below release affirming that my decision to leave Canada was *voluntary* and, by extension, NOT because I had been officially rejected on the basis of a criminal history, as it would have if the information in the FBI's database were actually true, but because I had "volunteered" to "withdraw my application to enter Canada" (in order to make their lives, and relationship with the FBI, easier). It is of note that Canadian immigration law requires most people with criminal history to apply for immigration clearance in advance of their trips, even in the case of some misdemeanors; and IF I *actually* had a previous criminal history AND had not pre-applied, they would have concretely DENIED my entrance on the basis of the Canadian law that makes these provisions.

Instead, I was forced to "withdraw my application to enter Canada".

This is in fact the primary reason that I live in Russia today: it would simply not be safe to live in most other Western countries due to the reach of the United States Government's security services:


Now I want to share with you what was done to my car. I want to preface myself, once again, with some additional information. I am, among other things, trained as a violin maker and violist. This means that I am accustomed to working with highly complex, breakable objects. I know what sounds fine musical instruments make when functioning normally and I know how to deduce what is wrong with an instrument and how to fix it from the way it sounds. I am also an amateur mechanic who loves classic British cars and I apply my sound-focused training to diagnosing mechanical problems on cars.

So now I want to share with you a few pictures of what was done to my car. The day my wheel bearing failed I had parked the previous night at a hotel. When I got into the car the following morning I noticed immediately that my driver's seat was in a slightly different position and that an additional six miles were on the odometer. I went back into the hotel to ask if any surveillance footage was available of the parking lot. It wasn't, which didn't surprise me: there were no cameras that I could see on the parking lot. But the car started right up and everything superficially looked OK, so I left.

Of course, after I got on the highway for the last stretch of the journey, the wheel bearing failed as I described above. Now, it is very easy to make a wheel bearing fail, and here is what was done to my car:


  1. Remove wheel
  2. Unscrew central nut from axle
  3. Take out bearing & wipe out all lubricating grease
  4. Add a little bit of sand
  5. Put wheel bearing, nut, and wheel all back the way they were


Within 1000 miles or less, the wheel bearing will probably fail. Of course, if you're driving part of your route on low-speed roads and part on the highway, then it'll most likely fail on the highway: that's when the faster rotational speed, the lack of lubrication, and the additional abrasion on the ball bearings will create way more heat, accelerate wear, and then - when one of the ball bearings finally breaks - the entire bearing assembly comes apart. Your wheel then begins to wobble on its axis. This, in addition to making your car effectively steer with just one wheel - which it probably goes without saying makes mountain highway driving extremely difficult - puts enormous stress on the front axles, which on a rear-wheel-drive car like my Jaguar are not all that thick. Here is what the post-mortem looks like - you can see that the nut is loose on the axle, and that there's no lubrication (grease) on it at all:



Then, in the next photo, you can see the axle. I replaced the entire steering rack on this car roughly a month before the sabotage occurred - including the axles and wheel bearings. You can see the shiny, new axle here - but if you look closely, you can see that the wobbling of the wheel on the axis of the axle has eaten the metal away, creating a depression around the axle:



And here you can see what the wheel's wobbling on its axis did to the inside rim of the wheel, which came in contact with the brake caliper:



And here you can see the damage done to the brake pad and caliper, which came in direct contact with the brake disc:



Finally, in this photo, you can see the piece of PVC plastic tape that was put around the brake line in hopes that it would be pulled into the caliper causing the line to be cut and the entire front channel of the brake system to fail. PVC is extremely strong plastic, best known perhaps for its use in water pipes. This is NOT a parts tag: it is blank, and it is new - covered only in a thin layer of brake dust in this photo as one might expect:



So, after the harrowing experience on the mountain road, I arrived in New Jersey quite shaken but ultimately safe. A very helpful group of bilingual (French/English) West African mechanics at a Castrol Express Lube installed new wheel bearings the same day and the car found its way across the Atlantic from there, as I'd planned originally to ship it to France for an extended roadtrip. We had a nice chat. I highly recommend them if you need an oil change or other car repairs: 1003 West Saint Georges Avenue, Linden, NJ.

My car can be found parked in front of the United States Embassy in Moscow, where it is being offered for sale. The offered price for my 1997 Jaguar - her name is Ivanka - is 5,000,000 Russian Rubles. I might be willing to negotiate, if I like you and you're lucky.

Today, my car serves as a reminder to me + friends of the horrible stuff that the United States Government now does to its own law-abiding citizens when some provincial idiot at the FBI and/or CIA gets angry about something that he can't prosecute. In my case, it might just be that my former employer bribed them to do it after I quit my job because I was miserable and overworked and underpaid and bilingual and a Russian visa-holder, and therefore a risk for violating my confidentiality agreement. (Companies do that, you know. I still haven't violated my side of the contract, but Sotheby's have violated employment law with me so many times now that I've lost count.) Or it might have been part of a bigger provocation: an FBI agent (through his mother) disinherited my entire family of over $5 million dollars in 2009 via outright theft from my then-senile, now-deceased maternal grandfather and was naturally never prosecuted. Or it might be that due to my maternal grandfather's job I was essentially born into a high-level security clearance without actually having any legal punishments associated with violating it, having never actually worked for the U.S. Government. Or it might be that in March 2012 I predicted the US-backed/funded Ukrainian revolution & coup that happened in December 2012 and used that information to scare the CIA and FBI into forcing the Boca Raton, Florida police department to let me out of a rather serious traffic ticket. Or it might be that once on a jury selection panel I more or less accused the FBI of having entrapped an illegal immigrant into framing the defendant in the trial on their behalf (which was the case). I wasn't ultimately selected for that jury and don't really know what their reasoning for trying to kill me multiple times was/is, but either way, being smarter than the people running your country is not illegal and James Comey is a psychopath who deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison and that presumably has something to do with why Donald Trump fired him. But Donald really needs to give his signature "You're Fired" to quite a lot more people at the FBI in order to make it into something more than the most dysfunctional organized crime syndicate of all time, because the FBI and CIA Director positions are political appointees who don't maintain much control over this kind of thing.

Now I want to talk about the time government agents forced my trunk shut. This happened with a different (1991) Jaguar on a day near the end of January 2017, when I had the first prototype of the final revision of the VLNLAB VLA in my trunk, packed, and ready to be sent to a beta programme participant that day. I arrived at work around 9am, and by noon, when I went out of the office to ship it, my trunk lock had been forced shut. About a month later, and shortly before I went into hiding, someone attempted to run me off the road and into a very large, mature tree in this Jaguar. I barely escaped, but did so unharmed. My brand loyalty to Jaguar - well, pre-1998/pre-Ford ownership Jaguar, anyway - is complete and total.

I documented the incident fully in photos and video. As my locksmith determined, and as you can hear about from him personally in the video interview you can watch below, the trunk release was disconnected internally - so the trunk release button in the car's cabin didn't work - and the lock was also oiled and re-keyed as you can also see. In fact, whoever re-keyed the lock oiled it so much that it would leave a substantial amount of oil on any key that you attempted to put inside. And this person also ensured that all of the local Jaguar shops and locksmiths capable of picking or re-keying a 1990s Jaguar lock were "completely busy" for the next two to three weeks. So I did something that the FBI clearly didn't expect from a classic car lover: I had my locksmith completely drill out the trunk lock (which is almost impossible to find a replacement for). And shipped the prototype. Which meant that no one could just conveniently get rid of me and claim that VLNLAB was just vaporware.

And now I want to talk about the time the United States Government attempted to poison me in Moscow. I'd just moved out to a more distant region of the city, started shopping at a new grocery store, and found a good, dry white wine from Georgia (country, not US state) that was about US$6.50 a bottle and that I would periodically buy just as a day-to-day table wine.

One day I bought a bottle, noticed immediately that it tasted drastically different from the previous bottles I'd bought, and began to examine it.

And it turned out that it was a fake. And contained some sort of poison. I drank just one mouthful as a test and within an hour was unable to breathe out of my nose for an entire day and had to drink something like six double espressos just to stay awake the rest of the day.

Some pictures: excise tax labels (real on the left, fake on the right)

And front labels (real on the left, fake on the right)

Now, here's the way this stuff works. Inflammation, as it happens in response to allergens as above, increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. So in addition to making you lethargic as most allergens do, a strong allergic reaction will also increase absorption of whatever other chemicals happen to be in wine (in addition to the alcohol) into your brain. Poison? LSD? Other psychoactives? All are pretty common in this sort of intelligence work. Wine's usually the best attack vector as booze goes, actually, because its contents aren't regulated at all and in order to get your target to drink what you want, you rarely if ever have to get access to any sort of corporate supply chain or distribution channel: there aren't many big-name brands.

Finally, there was the time the USA tried to take my Jaguar off the road, permanently, while in Moscow.

One day I'm driving down the road, returning from a coffeeshop that I worked from for a time. Totally routine and on-schedule: did the same drive every weekday around the same time. All of a sudden just ahead of me a white Kia crosses the double line and into oncoming traffic. He miscalculated, and sideswiped at an offset the car just ahead of me.

I stopped off to the side of the road. He stopped his car in the middle of the oncoming lane, opened the door, and immediately threw a needle, plastic cartridge surround, and several unmarked cartridges out onto the asphalt. The needle had just been used, as you can see. I got out of the car with my camera, started screaming at him in Russian and snapped a few pictures. Here are the two important ones. This guy was even wearing a color-matching shirt to the car he was supposed to take out! But he seemed to be afraid to even get out of the car with me around.

I presume the cartridges contained ephedrine or something similar to ease nerves/provide energy/prepare for impact. If tasked with taking out a 4200lb iron-frame, iron-block Jaguar head-on in a rented Kia I think I'd be pretty terrified. And this guy wasn't young - probably in his 50s.

While I did live in Russia for two years, I was NOT - unlike Edward Snowden - ever a formalized political refugee. Nor did I lose my U.S. citizenship. And here is why.

Under United States federal law, Edward Snowden is unequivocally a criminal. He gave up top-secret, confidential information that was proprietary to the security services of the United States government through multiple channels. It was, generally speaking, not information of great value, but secret information nonetheless. And Edward Snowden therefore needs political asylum to avoid potential extradition and jail time in the United States until he is pardoned (if this happens). Russia does not have an extradition treaty with the United States, and does not, as a rule, extradite Russian citizens. But in the case of a foreigner, it's possible they might. Edward Snowden, by receiving asylum, avoided this possibility - but travel to most other countries would be inadvisable for him.

I, however, was not an asylum recipient in Russia. I, in principle, did not need to be. I have committed no crimes whatsoever under the laws of the United States or of any other country, and therefore cannot be extradited for any crime. I have also not committed any other actions which would, under United States Federal Law, be punishable by the revocation of my citizenship. Therefore my United States citizenship could not be revoked either. I lived in Russia on a long-term visa and was technically eligible for all benefits of my American citizenship available to American citizens living abroad the entire time: consular services and the like.

In April 2019, after extended anti-corruption fights with the United States Postal Service I completed all necessary paperwork to have the falsified charges maintained against me in the common US-Canada criminal database dropped and the associated false arrest expunged. The past two years in Russia had been dramatic, exhausting, and unpleasant. The U.S. Department of State and the CIA did their very best and spent millions of dollars to see to it that I was overworked and abused at virtually all times by my employers and the authorities. There were several more harrowing moments - another attempted head-on collision staged by security contractors with drunk off-duty police armed with machine guns while I was driving a friend, Zhenya "George" Maximov, keyboardist and songwriter of Russian retropop-rock band BIRTMAN home after a staged assault at a bar during a belated birthday celebration in which he had been knocked unconscious; and then the Russian customs agency attempted to assess a nearly US$35000 fine against me in association with my red Jaguar, which had been sabotaged and became unsafe to drive and was subsequently scrapped legally, all in a dramatic attempt to seize my Petersburg apartment through the courts. Instead, I sold my apartment and left to Luxembourg.

I spent several months in Luxembourg, mostly uneventfully. The US Government continued to exert corruption pressures on the local government the entire time and eventually the police recommended that I seek asylum in a bigger country, perhaps Canada, because they really had no way of protecting me any longer. I made arrangements to depart; my crazy Syrian landlord then attempted to steal my security deposit, claiming in writing that he spent it on marijuana and prostitutes somewhere in Francophone Switzerland, and setting off another dispute in which the local authorities in Luxembourg ultimately refused to enforce the contract. I spent nearly a year in Canada, where I was soon essentially enslaved to an American company, TURO, and then wrongfully terminated after three months despite having run their highest-rated call center with a team of African refugees who had never even driven cars. I was then wrongfully denied unemployment benefits, and then after several months spent as a successful delivery courier, I was illegally almost bankrupted by corrupt police in Quebec and my two cars destroyed - one by sabotage, another by a staged accident in a snowstorm.

Here are a few images that document the fate of the first of my three cars in Canada. During a low-visibility snowstorm, a man later identified as Felix Brisset stopped his new Subaru in the right-hand lane of the westbound side of Quebec's Autoroute 10, shut off its engine, turned off the lights, and waited for a chain reaction. I was immediately behind him. I am a very competent professional driver and have driven in all kinds of extreme winter conditions all over the world. But, cars have their limits and my 2001 Chrysler Neon had all-season tires and no anti-lock brakes. I ended up rear-ending the Subaru, therefore, at about 5mph. It did no damage to the Subaru but, due to my Neon's lower beltline, folded its hood and cracked the radiator. With the Neon overheating despite the cold, I drove it to a nearby scrapyard to sell it for scrap metal, and took a taxi home. The cost of the taxi, at 75 Canadian dollars, was half of what I recovered upon scrapping the car.

Below is a report of the accident report that we signed. As you can see, Felix signed off on both written and diagrammatic admissions of having caused the accident by being unlawfully stopped, with lights off, in a travel lane on a major highway.

A few weeks later, this piece of shit's insurance company began trying to extort money from me, despite the fact that I had done no damage whatsoever to his car and that he had caused the accident. The police refused to do anything despite the content of the countersigned accident report and said that because it was not a criminal matter nor a traffic matter (because the police were not there when Felix sat parked in the right-hand lane, ordinarily a ticketable offense) the insurer was free to pursue a collection against me through the courts if they wished.

I then bought another car, a 2004 Chrysler Sebring, to do courier work. It, too, was soon sabotaged when it appears someone took an hacksaw by night to the notably weak flexible downpipe of the exhaust system and, after I repaired it, the American delivery companies I worked for - DoorDash and Uber - simply cut me off. But, by that time I had resolved the Russian customs matter for the correct fine of just $82, and meanwhile there was no longer any reason why I could not return to the United States in principle, so I did. I filed the necessary paperwork to withdraw my application for political asylum in Canada and made arrangements to leave. It is of note that I first attempted to leave to Hungary, where I am eligible for citizenship on an heritage basis, but the Canadian Border Patrol refused to allow me to leave to any other country besides the USA. The Canadian Border Patrol failed to return my passport on the border as promised and a nearly month-long legal battle ensued from New York, where I moved in with a relative in March 2020. Eventually, after a very public rebuke to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Twitter it was returned.

As of this writing, 23rd March 2021, I have been back in the USA for exactly one year. I have been sporadically employed upon my return by the U.S. Census Bureau, from which I was wrongfully terminated near the end of September 2020; and by the local Board of Elections, who periodically contact me for a day of work here and there as a poll coordinator for state and local elections. Other than that, I remain totally locked out of the labor market; denied all forms of due process of law, including an appeal of my termination from the Census Bureau; and have been denied all forms of re-employment assistance offered through the New York State Department of Labor. Beyond sending direct deposits of stimulus and unemployment funds, the U.S. Government essentially pretends that I do not exist. What they are sending me is insufficient and inappropriate for someone who has been repeatedly poisoned, assaulted, abused, and denied all legal rights; in fact, it is totally disgusting, but it is reality. I adamantly believe that the U.S. Government should never be allowed to return any legitimate political refugee ever again - and particularly not a refugee from any sort of civilized European ethnic background. Eventually, in April 2019, I was forced to flee again after a poisoning rendered me temporarily deaf in one ear. Following three months in Turkey for medical care and recovery, I applied for asylum in a western European Union country, where I still live as of June 2022.

I want to be very clear - what is happening today is beyond criminal. It is genocidal. The United States of America is a rogue failed state that is essentially in the same condition as the Soviet government immediately following the murder of Tsar Nicolas II and his family. It is a totally corrupt, criminal, rogue failed state whose functionaries believe in ideals about humanity that are, in a scientific and psychosocial sense, provably totally false. It has an inverted labor market that has allowed a MASSIVE amount of consumption power - I cannot even bring myself to use the word 'capital' - to be allocated to some of the worst and most extremist, narcissistic, megalomaniacal examples of the world's lowest peasants. The carbon output associated with their careless and unprecedented consumption must be brought to heel. The United States must be disarmed and contained because the fundamental nature of who they are after is now just People Who Can Still Think Clearly. The matter is even more dire than that of the Soviet Union.

In light of the above, I naturally fear any dealings with United States authorities whatsoever, as well as most aspects of daily life in the United States. I do not believe anything will be solved until a full investigation and major purge of its security services is concluded. The United States should be regarded as a rogue failed state that should - in order to save it - have its entire lower house of Congress immediately disbanded along with the entirety of its diplomatic and security apparata, and be put into a sort of administrative takeover, perhaps by Britain, whose monarchy still hold legal rights to its territory, while a strict code of civil law is introduced and its dollar gradually taken out of use as an intermediary currency and allowed to free-float to a more reasonable level in global exchange that accurately reflects a competitive global valuation of its economy's outputs. Allowing such a rogue failed state to retain global primacy now that it has totally inverted its labor market in favor of an historically-illiterate population descended mostly from religious fundamentalist agricultural laborers, is frighteningly dangerous to the future of global human civilization. It is time for the international community to intervene and resolve these issues while allowing those of us who have been targeted for persecution by dint of our more elevated origins and aptitudes to flee to, and settle comfortably in, new countries that will willingly respect our property rights and allow us to live our lives without constant harrassment.

In closing, I also want to note that even Britain and Canada now have a record of having been homicidal toward highly-educated legitimate political refugees. I am not only speaking of myself and my experience in Canada, I am referencing the chemical attack carried out against Sergei Skripal in Salisbury by superficially Russian contractors on behalf of British criminals. Governments must be able to regulate their institutions and people, and indeed a monarch's principal responsibilities are the organization of armies and organization of law enforcement and courts. Queen Elizabeth II has neglected these responsibilities to such a degree that Britain and its colonies are barely any more functional than the USA today. I believe that the British Commonwealth should not be considered by any legitimate political refugee any longer until her reign is over. It is simply not possible right now for anyone to reliably be able to count on the functioning of British governance institutions.