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I've long envisioned putting up a blog-ish feed of interesting things that I've come across that might be of interest to other people, but never had the time. But now, I'll try to do that here. (12/2022)

2 December 2023. Happy weekend.

29 November 2023. Philosophical thinking, from a recent email with an attorney:
"Give a [TRABLUMPKIN] a fish and he eats for a day. Give a [TRABLUMPKIN] a position as a judge and, well, maybe it was better to just give him a fish, eh? See, that's my view on it, as a royalist. Just give the [TRABLUMPKIN] who keeps pestering you a goddamned fish and tell him to fuck off if he asks for anything else."
give a fish a [TRABLUMPKIN] and he might eat for a day instead

20 November 2023. Two clips, seven years apart. Underlying idea & science a hundred years old. No escape.

17 November 2023. AHEM. *coughs*

11 November 2023. Slava literally goes "okay, shoot me" and nobody listens. It's my life in a nutshell. Wow.

7 November 2023. Oh, this looks like it'll be fun. That's a good trailer, too.

3 November 2023. In memory of my father. Rest in peace, you fucking hilarious asshole.

2 November 2023. The Beatles' last song, and a surprisingly good discussion of it from a news outlet I never read that you could run through a Russian translator to your preferred language if you want. No inversion of Lucio Fontana discussed yet, but hey, here we are, in the West. And the West's a dump.

31 October 2023. From time to time, people ask me if I miss home. If I feel like I should go home. If I really want to stay in Europe forever. Look, folks, the answer is simple. I can't go home. The Cock In Ass want to kill me, and alternately, to make me a perpetually impoverished human trafficking victim. Of course I don't feel like I should go home. And beyond that, nobody of any consequence here seems to think that I should leave. I went to high school in south Florida with a girl - we'll call her Niggerifficalliffany - that's actually not her real name - who spent a few years, apparently, in Saint-Gallen, Switzerland, as a prostitute. Pretended to be half Australian and half Italian. (She was indeed half something and half something else, but that wasn't it.) They wouldn't even let her be there in August and September because Saint-Gallen hosts arguably the best university in Switzerland and they didn't want anyone worth anything getting hooked on her. She was a known quantity - couldn't even get in with Jeffrey Epstein and his guys in Florida, and the Swiss treated her accordingly. I, on the other hand, am acceptable for all seasons. People get pissed off that I "represent the USA badly abroad" and stuff like that. Yeah. Great. I'm not a freedumb type of guy, okay, not a democracy type of guy either. Perfectly happy with the king we've got here. Don't ever fucking expect me to be anything Americans want, either. I'm not facing prison time the way Edward Snowden is. That's who Anglo-America wants abroad all the time. Useless, worthless Anglo criminals Just Like Them.
I like it here. My life is far from perfect, but I have a big terraced garden in the back of my house and fast trains to Brussels and Luxembourg in the front. Just beyond the trains is a beautiful riverside bike path to Chaudfontaine and its incredble hiking trails. It works. I don't mind. This IS home.

30 October 2023. After reviewing the evidence, I believe that "Babylon" is nothing but a Shnurov and Michael Jackson mashup-capriccio on themes by me. See for yourself.

27 October 2023. Something about a foreign clip. God I love you kids.

25 October 2023. Best movie of 2022, without a doubt. I bought it. Watching Margot Robbie do massive amounts of cocaine was fun, but watching Hollywood run wild finally talking about adverse-selected Y men and their impact on pre- and post-World War II (after they were thrown at machine gun barrage after machine gun barrage) American culture was fuckin' FABULOUS. Wow. What a movie.

29 September 2023. Happy Friday. Start your weekend off with "Ochki Sobchak", a metaphorical representation of...something or other...featuring Vova with a machete (my self-defense weapon of choice, BTW). Hey, you know what else, here's another guy who subscribes to my theory of Deep [TRABLUMPKIN] Networks, Ramzan Kadyrov, one of my two all-time favorite public figures of the Muslim world along with Mohammed bin Salman. (And not just because he strongly resembles my university viola teacher, Kenneth Martinson, who incidentally is gay, which is why it's so fucking hilarious.)

28 September 2023. ...aaaand it's ANOTHER Net Baby! Wow.

And now I'm *finally* living the role of He Who Shall Not Be Named of minor Boca Raton fame, as cast in "Vij", a phenomenon previously discussed here. OMFG. Time to move.

24 September 2023. For those of you who occasionally ponder the possibility of an higher existence on the astral/metaphysical plane, this provides particularly interesting food for thought. Imagine: you're an attractive, brown-haired blue-eyed white girl, yet, all you have the ability to bring in to your life in any significant way are worthless hoodrats. Might one's soul just one day go, "y'know what, had enough of this, clearly I as well as the hoodrat boyfriend need to be dead or in prison by now for this absurd trash life I'm living." And that's what I think is so fascinating about this case. (For those of you who will eventually read my essay on The Four Types of American Women, this is a "Net Baby", the most primitive psychotype, a term I will explain at a later stage that does not mean what you probably think it does.)

21 September 2023. Before Jensen Huang and the nVidia GPUs fueling AI breakthroughs, there was...the ZMOB. 256 Zilog Z80 processors in parallel. Wowee. Back in the day. The day of machine code. When [TRABLUMPKIN]-Man couldn't "make" a bunch of printed money by being a "specialist" in CUDA. Wowee.

13 September 2023. Wow! Very cool.

11 September 2023. Olivia Rodrigo thinks that "explanation is never good for art". Yawn. A song lamenting a man who only comes out at night called "Vampire". Not "Day Job". Wow. (I swear to God this is the last time I'm going to even mention this.) Fire up that white SL and point it in a direction away from me, please. You're blocking my favorite Romanian stripper's parking spot.

8 September 2023. Everyone is talking about the new Rolling Stones album and the single they're pre-marketing it with. Okay, yeah, it's stylish and Sydney Sweeney looks super hot done up like that, but there's something distinctly odd about recent product placement of the early '80s Mercedes SL in Hollywood right now.

Also, it's hopelessly derivative of something Shnurov did back in 2018, and where did he get his inspiration for that, well, one can only imagine. It's a sign of a deep cultural malaise in the west, a total lack of inspiration, that these people need to write music videos this way.

6 September 2023. Three things:
1. It's human sacrifice time again. I can feel it in the air.
2. Then there's this absolutely fucking hilarious moment (click the image) from across the Atlantic:

3. Fantastic portrait of Theresa May by Saied Dai.

31 August 2023. TRAVEL ADVISORY.

29 August 2023. Summer movies. I saw the new Mission: Impossible movie and not only was it awful beyond anything I could have imagined even after watching the trailer beforehand, the script and casting actually had me wanting to call the police before I even got out of the theatre. Fortunately, if you understand French, there is still an AMAZING summer movie for you to watch. I've never seen anyone rip the contemporary art market this well before. So well done and so well deserved. Bravo.

24 August 2023. A quick retrospective on highly theoretical, future-oriented thinking. Sometimes, we don't always get it right the first time.

20 August 2023.

Ah, the fearsome old Russian intelligence. Happy Sunday.

16 August 2023. Big week. On fire. Check out this old documentary on computer manufacturing at GE! So cool. And what a great title, too.

11 August 2023. Ah, Russian press. Nothing to do with me, of course.

7 August 2023. One of the true gems of backdated YouTube.

29 July 2023.

With no change in tack from the Gay Ooglers, we're going to continue the discussion
So: what am I talking about in this review. I have now lived right down the road from a SPAR grocery store in two opposite ends of northern Europe and in Russia, the SPAR near me was just fine. Not so with this one: the wine and beer has industrial cleansers in it; the olive oil and butter are mixed with what I'm pretty sure is a newish brominated flame retardant; and the tea's got some sort of dioxin in it, I think. And I think I wrote it the right way, y'know, not to scare you, just get these things somewhere else. SPAR is a Colruyt brand but you can actually still buy safe wine at the big Colruyt stores, for example. It's absurd. Also absurd is that flame retardants pseudoscientific paper I linked, which describes some of the issue at hand in peasant [TRABLUMPKIN] Code, but there isn't, believe it or not, a lot of scientific literature on the topic of mass poisonings. "Soylent Green is people!"

27 July 2023.I'm an old fan of Sviyatoslav Vakarchuk. He's the best. A Slavic minstrel on a level without compare. Better than Gordon Lightfoot, even.

16 July 2023.

It pains me to say that I will be phasing out my relationship with Google over the coming year
Aggressive censorship is extremely difficult for me to tolerate in the West, who constantly lie and say that they do not participate in such things. About two weeks ago, Google took down over half of my reviews on Google Maps. I have supplied accurate and useful information on businesses and government insitutions all over the world. It is easy for me to understand why my reporting on a grocery store that is poisoning the local population or on a particularly corrupt police station could become irksome; but when I leave a five star review about a pizza robot parked in front of the closed garage of an elderly Wallon carrosseur who I barely know and who had coincidentally rescued me and my decrepit Peugeot one Sunday afternoon after an incident of sabotage to the clutch cable, and that review gets deleted with an appeal ban besides, something is wrong. It's true that his robot makes the best fucking pizza in Flanders: it's cooked perfectly no matter the time of year and it'll never poison you. Of course, it's right across the border in Wallonia in reality, but that's the joke. If I wanted to review his garage, I'd have done that, but his current garage is at another address, and as he didn't charge me for the little spacer that we attached to the clutch control arm to take up the slack in the clutch cable, I wasn't actually his customer. Nevertheless, I did eat a pizza there, and it was good, so I left a positive review. Yet somehow this does not comply with Google's review content guidelines. So, when I run out of credit on my Google Voice account, I will end my relationship with Google entirely, just as I did for Apple already in 2017, Microsoft in 2019, and for the Linux Foundation in 2022. This will require that I give up my US phone number, but that is now an appropriate decision to take also. Western totalitarianism is not something I am willing to pay for.
I should also note that because I use an Huawei phone that doubles as my desktop PC when connected to a USB hub with monitor, keyboard, and mouse, this switch will be very easy for me to make. I will simply buy a newer Huawei phone running HarmonyOS and then run Huawei's "Phone Clone" software. Beyond that, there will be no work for me to do other than to delete my Google account.

28 June 2023. All of this complaining I'm doing about Jigs and their criminal networks and a lot of people would forget that my father could have been an Israeli citizen. Put down the dog whistle and smoke some meats, people. Nobody in the hydrocarbon welfare economy gets paid when you're grillin'.

23 June 2023. Thank you, [city redacted], thank you. Nothing wrong with you at all. Not with the stalking, not with your wine-delivered dioxin-tanned face, not with the Google Maps directing the target your way - nothing. You're perfect. As everyone in France will tell you, naturally.

22 June 2023. A polite reminder that the number of "gas explosions" in Paryzh, Belarus, since the wee hours of the morning yesterday when I wrote the below post, is ZERO.

21 June 2023. As a teenager, my first viewing of this film had, I'm fairly certain, a drastically different meaning for me than it did for most other viewers. It still does for me today, no matter where I go in the west any longer.

20 June 2023. Shortly after I arrived in Belgium I briefly worked a temp job covering a sale at a Nike store that was closing down for renovation. There I had a new colleague who strongly resembled an old colleague from my London and musical instrument dealing days, albeit about 20 years younger and with longer hair. She was rather bubbly and funny and would walk up to me in the mornings having clearly rehearsed a variety of outrageous statements that were like the verbal equivalent, to my mind, of Rorschach inkblot tests. Towards the end of my two weeks there, she came up to me and said something along the lines of "hey, do you ever wonder what's really out there? like, you know, mermaids? aliens? that sort of thing?" I paused, involuntarily cocked my head, more or less as my little Jack Russell had once trained me to do, inadvertently, and started laughing. "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO WATCH?!?!?" I roared. "Bowfinger! You have to watch Bowfinger. It's the best Steve Martin movie EVER."

17 June 2023. Black psych-ops week 2023 comes to a close with - what else - another adverse-selected Y male going fucking nuts for no reason whatsoever.

15 June 2023. Something maybe Hayden could read when he has time.
Also, the phrase "Giggers in the Nay Van" violates the terms of no legal financial settlements that I am currently a party to. My old London housemate loved that verb. Made it his own, apparently, along with the rest of the University of Nottingham. "Gigging".

13 June 2023. Перерыв. Am I going to this concert? No, probably not.

12 June 2023. Once you go to Britain, no matter what you do, you never really go back. They won't let you out. FYI. Not even the Hotel California has anything on these stupid people.

11 June 2023. Such a fan of this guy.

9 June 2023. They just don't make these the way they used to.

31 May 2023.

My new favorite quote of Mariya Zakharova.

29 May 2023.

"Sorry, folks, no tea here!"

And God forbid you've done a Google search for this one (or anything else, ever). What a dump. No broken French here, folks, it's all Québec, Luxembourg, and a teacher from upstate NY that you get to blame for my accent.

17 May 2023.

Dig, bitches!

21 April 2023.

"Should Mr. Thomas wish to travel during the duration of his appointment as a Supreme Court justice, he should instead consider walking, biking, or - if he must - traveling supervised, perhaps on a railroad handcar."

20 April 2023.

A neat Thomas Hart Benton still life that I saw in some museum in Phoenix, Arizona, circa 2013-14. Says "I love surrealism and hate all you [TRABLUMPKINS] but I don't have the bucks to say it to you any more literally than this" better than anything else you could ever ask for.

13 April 2023. In retrospect, he was an obvious case of cancer of the iPhone.

26 March 2023. Dollar Days.

15 March 2023.

14 March 2023. for those of you who are wondering what the Muslim and African refugees are all about, I give you - S.M.E.

13 February 2023. Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? While we all ponder that, here's yet another data point in our search for truth: Momo The Glory Hole Gibbon.

2 February 2023

13 January 2023. I've obviously made a lot of proclamations about what's gone wrong with tech over the last five years or so. But the reality is that this has all happened before, and might even be considered just another element of UI/UX in 50 more years. What do I mean by that - well, you've got two main contenders on desktop - Microsoft and Apple, followed by Linux. On mobile you have Apple, Google, and a handful of holdouts running Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and lesser non-smartphone systems. Linux is doing well in light-duty server environments but the big iron is still either on IBM or some variant of Unix. Security nonsense has forced a lot of serious people out of Microsoft and Linux, and even Apple (which is actually based on FreeBSD, a Unix variant) to some degree. I myself can barely even live normally unless I'm on the latest and greatest version of BSD, whatever that happens to be, because of the level of CIA and other intelligence/criminal trolling I've been subjected to, and the only people willing to protect me from it are either Canadian elite programmers or longtime Berkeley residents. But sometimes it makes sense to go back to what computing used to be, and try to understand how we got here. Why are we on PC or Mac, and not on Amiga, Atari, PDP-11, etc? It's really interesting to think about. So, here are an handful of websites where you can try out all the old systems and see what happened all those years ago. The interesting hint to follow is Amiga - that was the best fundamental hardware design to follow at the time. Read-only memory loading an operating system at boot provides optimal performance and security. Yet we all went a different route at the time, because Boca Raton and Haifa needed maximal government welfare, for...some reason.
Another historical oddity is that back in the '70s, when it all began, processors were literally numbered, industry-wide, by their overall quality. That is, the best ones were named with the highest number. So the Motorola 68000 was vastly superior in a lot of ways to the Intel 8088, and the cult Zilog Z-80000 was superior even to the Motorola 68000, but the Zilog never got any play at all and the 68000 was relegated to the Macintosh and a handful of engineering workstation computers and servers. I'll give you a hint - you got to program the Z-80000 directly, without microcode. The others offered an unjustified enlargement of the programmer class. Didn't have to know so much or do so much work to program a 32-bit computer.
So, try these out: all retrocomputing emulators that run in your browser. See what you like and why.
Apple Macintosh System 7
Apple Mac OS 8
Apple Mac OS 9
The Computer Museum
Paleotronic Apple II (Applesoft BASIC & Merlin assembler live codepad)
IBM 5110 Emulator

PCjs.org (IBM PC, PC-XT, PC-AT Emulators)

10 January 2023. The Anglo race are still not capable of launching a satellite by themselves, due to their characteristic outright brutality toward their own intellectual elite and vicious discriminatory behavior toward foreign intellectuals. As of this writing, the only space-capable country of the British Commonwealth is India.

5 December 2022. An old interview with David Bowie.

Worthwhile Organizations
last updated 12/2022

I've been asked in the past what charitable organisations I support. The list is pretty short, but I've tried to identify and support organisations that support truth, justice, legal rights, and clear scientific thinking; people who will really go the extra mile to support you if you are in need anywhere near their realm of competence. So, in addition to your local scrap metal recycler, who you should sell your old cars and old IT equipment to, and your local animal shelter, where you should get your dogs and cats, I recommend the following:

Sinn Fein
Raspberry Pi Foundation
The University of California at Berkeley
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute