James W. Meng

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Interesting Stuff

I've envisioned putting up a blog-ish feed of interesting things that I've come across that might be of interest to other people, but never had the time. Eventually, I'll try to do that here. Just not yet. (10/2022)

Worthwhile Organizations

I've been asked in the past what charitable organisations I support. The list is pretty short, but I've tried to identify and support organisations that support truth, justice, legal rights, and clear scientific thinking; people who will really go the extra mile to support you if you are in need anywhere near their realm of competence. So, in addition to your local scrap metal recycler, who you should sell your old cars and old IT equipment to, and your local animal shelter, where you should get your dogs and cats, I recommend the following:

Sinn Fein
The Satanic Temple
Planned Parenthood
Raspberry Pi Foundation