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Honk If You Are A Fucking Idiot

I Love My Peasants



Russian History & Culture for the Federal Citizenship Examinations


An Honest Employee Review of Sotheby's and a Public Complaint to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, and United States Attorney General

TANDREW OF LIKIERMANIA: Ever wish you could help everyone avoid a fraud? So do I.

A Labor-Based Analysis of United States “Safe Country” Claims in Political Asylum Cases

Mikhail Gorbachev Is An Idiot

On Internet Fraud Committed at a Major Research University

Placeholders for an Execution: Proof of Concept for a 21st-century 'Oprichnina'

The "Rogozin Drill": A Meta-Discussion Of Technological Product Launches Circa 1920-2020

A Comprehensive Discussion of Bavarian-American Hick Trucks

The Shithole Garage

So You Decided To Buy An House In America.

That Time I Bought Alexey Kudrin A Bathroom Mirror, And Other Stories: A Guide to Political Asylum and Foreign Citizenship for Victims of the United States Government

Who Poisoned Viktor Yushchenko?

Poo Tan's Kool Gay Bar

Russia Should Invade Ukraine

Please Accept My Apologies For Niggers In The Gay Van

I Explain Contemporary Ukraine To A GPT-3 Instance

The Russia Update: June 2022

Apparently I Am Supposed To Think That My Printer Has Been Stolen By A Rogue Penguin

Fuck General Hayden (A 2005 Morning Call)

Leadership And The Messianic Jew

OBITUARY: Twenty-One Years Of Cooning With Coony Loserbeth

The Russia Update: September 2022

If Re-Elected, Joe Biden Will Die In Office

The Ukraine Update: October 2022

On Brittany Griner: An Open Letter to Joe Biden

Algorithms vs. Logarithms

You Have A Fever But The Only Prescription Is More Crablockpipe

A 'Get Well Soon' Card

Stupid Flanders (Letter To A Distant Relative)

Vadim Krasikov & Other Matters Of Civilisational Housekeeping: An Open Letter to Olaf Scholz

Prince Edward Is Stupid And Gay

Ain't Nobody Dead Here Except Y'all Niggers

The Ukraine Update: January 2023

In Memoriam + On The Jews

The Navel-Gazier

Please Do Not Ever Buy A Toyota

Three Days


Linoleum Villas: The Parable of Europe's Dumbest Country's Dumbest Diplomat

The International Criminal Court Just Totally Delegitimized Itself


The Case Against Switzerland

On Inequality: The Warren Buffet Ultimatum

Allow Me To Introduce My Nude Beach Animal Pestilence Theory Of Democracy

I Know Why The Caged Bush Paints

...And Whatever Will They Do With My Collection Of Seashells: A Memoir


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