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That Time I Bought Alexey Kudrin A Bathroom Mirror, And Other Stories: A Guide to Political Asylum and Foreign Citizenship for Victims of the United States Government

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Population: 38 million
Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau
Official Languages: English, French

In its present state, Canada's government is nominally functional. Law enforcement agencies will, if they witness violations of law being carried out, make arrests. They may also do so if there is irrefutable proof that a specific individual has committed a crime. Otherwise, Canadian courts serve very little purpose beyond offering theatrical performances to the interested public at sporadic intervals. White-collar crime is typically unpunished; civil-administrative acts such as divorce constitute what little is left of the functioning part of the legal sphere. Similarly, while in theory Canadian banks offer deposit insurance on deposits up to 100000 CAD, in practice, any significant amount held in a Canadian bank, and particularly in interest-bearing accounts, is subject to seizure by the police at any time via fraudulent administrative fines and other forms of graft. Oversight on most matters of social importance is carried out reluctantly by the national media. Asylum-seeking by Canadians in the Occupied British North American Territory, and vice versa, is inadvisable; both maintain an entirely arbitrary "casting call" philosophy applied to individual refugees instead of applying any legitimate process of evaluation to the procedure; no attempts are made at any point in the process to distinguish persecuted victims from fraudulent criminals and economic migrants. Persecuted Canadians are therefore advised to learn French and move to Quebec, or vice versa; to avail themselves of the various mobility programmes maintained among the British colonies; or to apply for asylum in Europe.


Population: approximately 330 million
Government: none
Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II (de facto, non-acting)
Prime Minister: none
Official Languages: none

The present state of governance in Occupied British North America is difficult to evaluate. Following a bloody but successful revolt against the armies of King George III in 1776 on the basis of extensive population indoctrination with propaganda by extremist leftists and religious cult sects, various apparata including a bicameral legislature and a democratically-elected Presidency were built as substitutes to governance from London and in July 1789 a diplomatic service was opened, with representations in foreign nations. The 1776 junta remains in place today, calling itself the "United States of America", though it has existed in a general state of war since that time, both internally and/or externally, with all subsequent attempts by the British Army to retake the territory rendered unsuccessful. By virtually all measaures it is a rogue failed state, but the territory's large, uneducated, and highly violent and militaristic population has repeatedly demonstrated extremely destructive behavior on the external world stage to any nation or entity that attempts to defy the broader consensus of its extremist-leftist revolutionist politics.

Since 2001, the 1776 junta has expanded military cooperation with Britain beyond the basic NATO alliance framework, joining forces in the Middle East in support of pro-Israeli security interests with an allegedly democratic mandate, in place of direct command from the British monarch. Some cooperation was also experimentally achieved in the first decade of the 2000s in the digital security sphere.

Today, the 1776 junta issues "citizenship" in the "United States of America" to anyone born on its territory, and/or to anyone born to at least one parent holding "citizenship" already, if the birth occurs outside Occupited British North America. A birth record card or certificate is issued upon request after the birth is registered, issuing a unique identifying "Social Security Number" for the person that is tied to their full name, names of any parents registered at the time of birth, and date of birth. This "citizenship" also entitles the person to an international travel passport from the "United States of America" that can serve as a proof of identity internationally. At the same time, persons holding this "citizenship" maintained by the 1776 junta are subject to substantial restrictions abroad, including significant restrictions on foreign-held bank deposits and foreign payments of dividends, interest, and capital appreciation earned abroad. Full domestic income tax payments made to the 1776 junta at the federal level are demanded from all such individuals earning more than 107600 USD annually abroad. Similarly, business relationships are subject to a long list of official and unofficial restrictions and prohibitions, including on incentive payments made abroad and the forms of trade that may be engaged in as well as with whom and how. Additionally, the passports and "citizenship" issued by the 1776 junta confer no formal rights to the labor market at home or abroad for those who are not of White Anglo Field Peasant ethnicity: employment and all labor matters thereof are effectively addressed only on an ad-hoc basis (domestically) or by an host government (when abroad). These practices are abusive and discriminatory to those they affect - primarily highly-educated, highly-skilled European-Americans.

The labor market in Occupied British North America is severely inverted, particularly in commercial, managerial, and administrative functions across the public and private sectors and in the skilled trades. Both labor market access and compensation are typically correlated inversely to skill level and achievement; the greatest predictors of stable and highly-compensated employment appear to be number of children (more-better) and visible total incompetence (more-better), with erratic, violent, illogical personalities and sexually deviant behavior often commanding an additional premium. As such, most critical structural services that constitute the broader standard of living (finance, law, medicine, bureaucracy) are expected to totally collapse within 20 years along with the currency, for which there is only minimal international demand that is not actively maintained through brutally coercive means.

There is only minimal likelihood of a person holding "citizenship" in the "United States of America" being granted asylum abroad. The 1776 junta views formal recognitition and protection of its persecuted victims as a critical, existential threat, and thus brutalizes any foreign government engaging or attempting to engage in such a process on behalf of any credible and legitimate victim. It is therefore advisable to renounce this "citizenship" formally before or during the political asylum process abroad, and to announce your intention to do so to the government to which you have applied, from the outset.

Typically, when the diplomatic apparatus of the 1776 junta receives an application to renounce citizenship from a persecuted victim, it begins a targeted process of subversive attacks against the person's host government, including but not limited to total shutdowns of diplomatic relations and facilities; economic intimidation including supply freezes and artificial shortages and commodity price manipulation; staging of violent ultra-leftist protests under false pretenses of gay rights and other similar causes, the goal being to intimidate the host government into denying the victim's human and legal rights to formal protection. Sometimes, security contractors and/or leftist activists are engaged by the 1776 junta to surveil, intimidate, abuse, and/or commit acts of physical violence against persecuted victims on the territory of a foreign state.

Finally, it is worth noting that asylum applicants are typically offered the opportunity to apply for "return assistance" to their home countries. What typically occurs in these instances is this: a CIA employee will be sent, under a fake identity of an NGO worker, usually from the International Organization for Migration, to offer some nominal bribe for you to return to the USA before you take your interviews. If you refuse, and continue with the interview process, regardless of the outcome - this bribe will not be offered again. I was offered 3000 CHF, for example, in Geneva in 2018, which I refused. Thereafter I was only offered a return ticket to the USA, nothing more. The USA's behavior in this regard with asylum applicants is abusive on an unprecedented level in international law. It is literally worse than the return assistance process for any third-world country on this planet. But, again, as I've told you, you are dealing with a rogue failed state that has an inverted labor market. Most United State attorneys and diplomats belong on farms or in factories instead of in diplomacy and law. (Except for the ones who are Jewish, obviously, as Jews traditionally made their living in low-level organized crime!) I was told by the Bern police that the USA would probably kill me if I returned. Your experience may vary, but this is the precedent that the USA have set.

For now, the most important thing I can make available on this page is an easily-accessible archive of forms DS4079, DS4080, DS4081, DS4082, and DS4083. These forms contain key information about the process of renouncing "citizenship" in the "United States of America" and you should review them well in advance. More content will be added in the future.





DS4083 (note: will not print on most printers)

DS4083 Page 1 (printable image)

DS4083 Page 2 (printable image)

The long and short of the matter, as of this writing in September 2021, is that most victims of severe persecution from Occupied British North America are better off as stateless persons. Pick a country where you want to live, schedule a renunciation appointment, and complete the process. Think carefully about the timing. It might be better to schedule a date in advance, travel to the desired location, complete the renunciation at the Embassy there, and then apply for political asylum. Other times you might be better off as a fully documented resident first; in fact, this may even be required, though Embassies retain their own rules on this matter. The existing list of renouncement cases in the queue is also a consideration: some Embassies, e.g., the Embassy in Bern, Switzerland, claim to have a backlog of over 500 cases and are not taking any new appointments at the time of this writing.

In terms of where to go, I have only limited advice that I can offer, based on established laws and my own experience.

In an official sense, in Europe there is the concept of "Safe Countries" designated by countries for the purpose of evaluating refugee and asylum cases. Generally, if your country is designated as a Safe Country by the country to which you have applied for asylum, your case will NOT be accepted under any circumstances. But in the European Union the list of designated Safe Countries varies considerably by country. A comprehensive document discussing this in more detail is available here.

A quick summary list, intended for American persecution victims, of the European Union countries that do NOT designate the USA and other Anglo countries as Safe Countries, is as follows: Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Sweden.

It's also worth noting that Austria does NOT designate the USA as a Safe Country, but at the same time, its government does designate the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand as Safe Countries. In a similar vein, Hungary designates Australia, Canada, and New Zealand as Safe Countries, and additionally denotes that it considers American states that do NOT maintain the death penalty in criminal law to be Safe Countries. For me, the Hungarian law on this matter is rather amusing, as I would ordinarily be an Hungarian citizen on an heritage basis had the CIA not destroyed, falsified, and/or changed public records procedures to prevent me from obtaining the necessary supporting documents. So now I would need asylum, and ordinarily, hailing from Florida, which still maintains the death penalty today, I would be OK under Hungarian law. But because my last place of US residence is New York, which has abolished the death penalty, I would have to specifically note that the primary reason I fled the USA is that its government attempted to extrajudicially execute me! (And it's true.) The reality of the situation in Austria and Hungary is that both countries are far too corrupt, in totally different ways, to be useful to anyone with any sort of real problem. I say this, unfortunately, as someone whose heritage is significantly in part Austro-Hungarian; these are realities that I have come to know all too well. Austria has made espionage legal under their laws. There is not a lot of detail in that law and so you need to assume that outside of things like outright thefts, assaults, murder, etc. - almost anything else is fair game. Meanwhile in Hungary there is just no willingness to deal with any real asylum case from anywhere other than their immediate non-EU borders (Ukraine and Serbia) and even in those cases, some sort of real connection to Hungary is required. This has become such an ingrained attitude in the Hungarian government that they basically now operate in flagrant violation of EU laws on political asylum at all times. Even if you have grounds for heritage citizenship in Hungary - if your Hungarian relatives are no longer alive, it is very unlikely that their government will help you, even in an emergency situation. Sadly, this is the reality of post-Soviet Eastern Europe, where stupid, weak, corrupt men rule in such a way that no one thinks more than five minutes into the future and no principled stance is ever taken on anything.

Switzerland, meanwhile, designates only the United Kingdom as a Safe Country among the Anglo nations - but, at the same time, Switzerland is known for rejecting many, many legitimate applications for asylum, often sending even high-profile and entirely legitimate refugees (Uday and Qusay Hussein come to mind) home to their deaths. A significant part of the problem is the level of control that a variety of Jewish organized crime interests have over the process in Switzerland; another is the level of influence that the various Anglo countries, in whose currencies and sovereign debt Switzerland's central bank is significantly overinvested in comparison to the European Central Bank, have over the process. Specifically, it has been directly acknowledged to me by a member of the Bern bar association that even in cases when the Swiss government wants to accept an asylum case from the USA, the US Department of State consistently demands that the cases be rejected and that the applicants be returned - deported - to the United States with minimal or no redress whatsoever and no resolution, formal or otherwise, to any problem that may have caused them to flee. "The US Government always demands that these people return and solve their own problems" is what I was told. The matter is not one of backbone, either: significant threats are used against the Swiss government for non-compliance with these demands made by the USA: terrorism, threats against Swiss sovereignty and bank secrecy, etc. If you do apply for asylum in Switzerland, fly into Bern or Zurich and apply at the airport passport control desk. Avoid Geneva, as the Geneva asylum process is a merely a casting call intended to suit the current needs of the local global human rights elite and nothing more. It is a good place to go if you have a major health condition that has arisen as a result of an attack or poisoning, though. They'll help you.

Finally, there are two countries that do NOT designate the United States as a Safe Country, but nevertheless should be viewed with skepticism by Americans needing asylum: Switzerland (which represents the USA in a limited diplomatic and consular capacity in Iran) and Sweden (which represents the USA in a limited diplomatic and consular capacity in North Korea). Hopefully, the reason for this is obvious. If not - I was once told by a Swedish diplomat that the problem is that "generally, the United States is viewed as a good place to live, and asylum seekers would have to demonstrate that this isn't really the case." In other words, the standard of living that the USA provides is very high in many cases in comparison to what Sweden provides, and that as a result, public consensus perceptions of the prosperity the USA offers to the beneficiaries of its inverted labor market have made it difficult for the Swedish government to take a stand against the USA's behavior in cases where their government has become inappropriate with someone. So, if you're not smart and quick enough to be the head of PR for a major corporation, don't apply for asylum in Sweden. QED.

One country that presents a particularly unusual situation is France. France maintains a rather accomplished military force, the Foreign Legion, which is willing to accept recruits from almost anywhere, provided that they can meet the necessary requirements. If you're a young, single man, that might be an option to consider. It's a lot safer than serving in the army of a country that wants to kill you, and you'll learn French and can eventually get citizenship. Otherwise, though, France is a place to avoid. One particularly good reason to avoid France is that the French recently murdered an entirely legitimate political refugee, Oksana Shachko, several years ago, framing it as a suicide when in fact someone had strangled her and hung her up in her closet. Generally, it's a bad idea to deal with France. They maintain a veneer of culture and independence and sophistication, but basically, the place is just another revolutionist peasant shithole like the USSR or Russia or the USA, and the people who end up there from other countries aren't typically reputable or credible people. Meanwhile, French immigration over the years has taken in so many fraudulent refugees from Africa and the Middle East that the French aren't even really an European people any longer; and meanwhile, anyone requiring actual protection from a government that is genuinely after them will not get what they need at all. Why - because the French mentality today is a product of post-revolutionary adverse-selected human reproduction. Take half the capital crimes (crimes that prescribe the death penalty) off the books as occurred in 1789, and you change the future of a nation's mentality overnight. As a result - in comparison to nearby Francophone Belgians and Luxembourgers, the French have had criminal minds since the early 19th century. But so do a lot of Americans, and for the same reason. It's worth doing some soul-searching, then, to better understand who you are and where you might best fit.

Similarly, Germany is also a shithole, though it has much better police than France. Right now, and even after the resignation of Angela Merkel, Germany is aggressively antagonizing the better elements of its own population in myriad ways and has totally delegitimized its asylum process by accepting scores of fraudulent third-world migrants and criminals from the former USSR. Meanwhile, on 7 January 2022 Germany will be decommissioning three nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants cannot be run safely by stupid, lazy people - and so Germany is simply going to write off a massive amount of electricity generating capacity at a time when climate change necessitates a switch to clean electricity as a substitute for fossil fuels so that their country will lose human capital in physics and power engineering in order to make stupid people feel more comfortable. In the interim, the Germans are bulldozing small villages to mine coal. That is what they are signalling about the future of their economy - Germany will run on idiots. And coal. Don't go to Germany unless you're a fucking moron. (It is, admittedly, a good place to be a fucking moron.) If you do go to Germany, it is very likely that you will be targeted immediately by small-time organized crime - mostly by Arabs, usually Kurds, who will get your information through the American CIA and/or through Arab criminals working for the German BAMF (federal refugee agency). What they will do to you, and why, is this. Under German law, you must finance your housing and expenses yourself if you have the ability to do so. If you do have money, and pay your way, your property will still be targeted for theft and/or destruction so that other people in Germany can have your money as they sell or fix your stuff. There are ways around this: good locks on the doors, and particularly - lease or rent your car. If you drive an old car, it will be sabotaged constantly. They will break every fucking window on your car if they have to in order to get you to a mechanic. And they don't care which one, because they'll work out a deal on the back end later. They will also slash your tires and otherwise destroy a bicycle or motorcycle if you get one, in order to force you into a taxi (driven by an Arab, naturally) or onto public transportation, so that you can be adequately stalked by crazy left-wing peasants everywhere you go. If you do not have money, but arrive with a lot of stuff, and/or have nice stuff, what you will find is that you will be given rooms to live in that do not have locks. Your stuff will then be stolen by whichever aggressive Arab criminal peasant nearby has taken a liking to it while you are not watching. This will go on until you and the Arab criminal peasants (who are all just running from police, not from war or persecution, don't allow yourself to be fooled) are equal in terms of asset ownership. During this process, you will feel as though you are living in a war zone. It will probably not get better until your case is accepted (if it is accepted) either. But there will be no easy way for you to go anywhere else to apply for asylum, or to even go home, while this "process" of equalizing your life to that of the Arab criminal peasants is underway, because the German BAMF will confiscate your passport and not return it until the entire asylum process is complete.
Furthermore, Germany is a rogue failed state without legitimate law and courts. In Germany you can be denied any or even all legally-required elements of the asylum process as it is set out in German and EU federal law: interviews, access to public interest attorneys, access to medical evaluation and care. You can be illegally and arbitrarily deported also, long before the asylum process as it exists is even complete, and again, even in flagrant violation of German and EU federal law. Finally, it is worth noting that as of this writing, Germany sends all United States citizens who apply for asylum to the German state of Baden-Wurttemburg. This state plays host to many, many American and NATO military bases, and affiliated organized crime is effectively the governing body of the region. As a refugee applicant, you will therefore effectively have no recourse to police for protection either, even if you are able to build a good relationship with the police as an informant. Police in Baden-Wurttemburg have told me directly that "there is no way to get away from the USA in Germany." And the reason for this is that the CIA once again draw on Jewish organized crime networks, through a number of firms offering "security consulting", such as the firm below, which involves itself in poisoning the inhabitants of refugee facilities via their daily meals:

Another Jewish security firm I know of is "Wagner Consulting", who involve themselves with preventing Americans from participating in the German labor market, as well as in illegal deportations and other forms of harassment against American asylum applicants in Germany. In light of recent news items, it is worth noting that this firm has no connection to the Russian private military company PMC Wagner.

German money in its natural state: three baskets' full of banknotes for a cabbage. Weimar Republic, 1923.

A Jewish-American fixer visiting (harassing) an American target in Germany. Freiburg im Brieisgau, Germany, 2022.

Speaking of Luxembourg, it should be noted that as of 2019, little Luxembourg was not able to accomodate an asylum case from the USA. I know this because I asked. Grand Duke Henri and his government aren't out to lie to you and tell you that the USA is a safe place, because it very obviously isn't, but as a small nation of roughly 600,000 people that primarily makes its living in finance - particularly in facilitating international corporate tax reduction - they're not really in a position to rock any boat. Another problem is that while Luxembourgish people are typically very gracious, clear-thinking, and intelligent people, their immigrant community (other than the Serbs, who are super cool) are mostly a bunch of worthless shithole niggers. As a result, the usual downward spiral in society has occurred: contract enforcement and law enforcement aren't great, in fact, depending on the issue they can be totally non-existent, and it can be very difficult to get into the legal labor market if you're not a worthless shithole nigger. In fact, my grandfather, John J. Meng, ran a private school (Marymount) in New York City that Grand Duke Henri's wife, the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, attended, yet I couldn't get a job in Luxembourg to save my life, in fact, some of the recruiters I contacted felt free to be really rude to me for some reason. I wasn't comfortable saying this at first, but the truth is that I generally recommend avoiding Luxembourg, in fact, I was so offended by some of my experiences there that I'll never go again. It's considered investment grade, but it really isn't any longer unless you just want to plunk down a few million euro for a safehouse somewhere in Western Europe and don't care about much else aside from the ability to speak English or French in your daily life with everyone. Believe it or not, countries that help you evade taxes are not always nice places to live because of the company they have to keep. It's yet another situation in which thinking philosophically about criminality is helpful. I more recently was told in writitng by a staffer at the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs that Luxembourg does NOT observe the non-refoulement provisions of the Dublin agreement on political asylum in the European Union, so, for example, if you come to Luxembourg and apply for asylum and are rejected because of corruption but have nevertheless conclusively proven that your life would be in danger either in your home country or in another EU state where you have applied for asylum previously, they may very likely still deport you home, illegally, in total violation of the foundational laws of the European Union on political asylum. I do not recommend moving to Luxembourg unless you are a rich criminal. There is simply no other use case for that country any longer. It is not even worth going to private school or to university there, because the USA hires Jewish leftist-extremist fixers via the CIA to keep tabs on their citizens there, and the Luxembourg police are corrupt enough that they simply allow these people to walk right into the police station and demand whatever they want. In contemporary parlance, then, you might as well think of Luxembourg as "East France", in the same sense as the Cold War-era state of "East Germany".

A Jewish-American CIA fixer visiting the Luxembourg police. Luxembourg City, 2019.

(Having said that, Luxembourg is otherwise a really beautiful and safe place. No one will try to poison you via restaurants and grocery stores, and there is great nature to experience - caverns and vineyards in the south, amazing hiking in the north.)

Belgium is an interesting but extremely dangerous place that presents several unusual challenges. If you have a lot of money, it may be the most competent asylum jurisdiction in Western Europe, but I don't recommend it, as there is a sizeable American and Jewish-American organized crime influence as well as multiple US and NATO military bases that have been previously linked, mutiple times, to severe abuse and even attempted murder of American political refugees. In essence, Belgium is incompetent for any real asylum case and should still be avoided entirely. The long and short of it is - if they assign you to live anywhere in Flanders, which they more than likely will do, you should probably leave. But if you do, you will probably be subject to deportation right back to Flanders, where Jewish and/or military organized crime networks will then be used by the CIA to try to poison you and fraudulently prosecute you and otherwise ruin your new life. So you should probably NOT take the chance on Belgium to begin with. It is also worth noting that the Flemish are completely crazy. Their half of the country is Earth's best-landscaped slum, an anarcho-democratic criminal state in which most professions as well as policing are all in absolutely atrocious condition. Wallonia is not so different, either. It functions better in some ways, but is less clean and pleasant in others. Either way, your local town hall will probably be the only place you experience any professionalism at all from anyone. In essence, Flanders is a third-world island nation in the heart of Western Europe that is allowed to exist only because it looks nice and constantly threatens to revolt against the monarchy and tear the country in half, with assistance from the American CIA and from leftist-extremist Jews, in order to get whatever the Flemish people and the CIA and the Jews are totally unreasonably demanding at the time. This might be a good time to mention that the law declaring the USA a non-Safe Country is a royal decree, a living document in which this fact was acknowledged by King Philip and by his father King Albert II before him; and this is the only such situation in Europe wherein a monarchy itself delineates Safe Countries. And remember - the Flemish (with help from the CIA) have tried to remove them from power and even announced that they wanted to try again in 2024. Don't go to Belgium; it'll more than likely get nasty for you if you have a real asylum case. I always explain it this way: Belgium has three official languages - French, Dutch, German - but they are hardly even worth learning any longer. All three are rich and beautiful languages, but the commoners never use them correctly, especially with foreign learners of those languages. They prefer to communicate in hints, "code", and acts of connivance, criminality, and violence. It's a dump. Unless you have a lot of money, and speak French or Dutch already, I'd basically tell you not to bother. Their court system is in atrocious condition and it often takes ages before anything at all ever functions correctly, and you may be at very real risk in the meantime, from various foreign and domestic threats. Sadly, even though the planned Flemish revolt of 2024 has been called off, I think that the monarchy have effectively lost all real control of the country, and as such, Belgium can no longer be considered investment-grade. Think of it as like Thailand, but on the euro, then.

There is, finally, a small group of nations that do not yet designate a Safe Country list: Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain. I have only very limited knowledge of these countries. Other than Spain and Portugal, these are not wealthy nations, and may not be able to protect a legitimate American persecution victim from the diplomatic and intelligence assault that the United States typically subjects nations that protect its victims to. Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Estonia are all heavily reliant on Western transfer payments and are therefore very vocally opposed to any and all clear thinking about Western human rights abuses; those countries should probably be avoided entirely by anyone with legitimate pretenses to political asylum. But you can actually apply for asylum in Spain from anywhere in the world, in writing. Depending on your circumstances, then, that might be a worthwhile avenue to pursue. But I note that I cannot recommend Portugal, as a Portuguese diplomat has communicated to me that they are not able to accept legitimate asylum cases from the USA either.

Finally, in light of the above, the next thing to do is to have a look at a few maps. One particularly useful map is the FBI's Overseas Offices map. Another is the List of United States extradition treaties. Yet another is the List of United States military bases. This is useful to have in mind as you make decisions about where to live - because even if you are innocent, these are the US Government organizations whose resources will be drawn upon to persecute you abroad, in addition to the Department of State and CIA. Hopefully, you understand that if you have criminal charges pending in the USA, you will be subject to extradition if an extradition request is submitted to your host government. Your host government also might deport you by themselves if an outstanding foreign criminal matter is found to be pending, unless you are able to prove that the matter is somehow fraudulent. Even so, you would still probably be denied asylum in the European Union until any outstanding criminal matter in the USA was somehow formally resolved.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are Jewish, and have been persecuted, the country in which you should apply for asylum is Israel. Do not even bother with anywhere in Europe that claims to want Jews back unless you have relatives who are successful there already and can help you. Israel is the only first-world country in which Jewish criminals are regularly prosecuted and the only country that can genuinely offer a safe haven to persecuted Jewish people. You will find that Israelis are much more clear-thinking than Jews in western countries. You will get formal, real protection and good medical care. You can also safely serve in their army. Believe it or not, that is an extremely rare and valuable proposition to legitimate persecution victims, and if you are a Jew who has been persecuted in the west, or anywhere else, that is the offer you should take. Try to internalize their conservative way of thinking and learn to follow their directions. That country is a rare jewel on planet Earth right now - it functions. Most countries do not function any longer.