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On Internet Fraud Committed at a Major Research University

an open letter to University of Florida President W. Kent Fuchs

Dear President Fuchs.

I expect you may be familiar with me already. It's perhaps not often that a recent graduate seeks political asylum abroad. It's likewise also not often - hopefully - that a recent graduate seeks political asylum abroad due in part to criminality committed by the University of Florida itself.

Believe it or not, though, that is not why I am contacting you today. Do your own research.

I am contacting you today for the same reason I also contacted the FBI, the University of Florida Police, and the Gainesville Police today: to report what in principle is just a low-value internet fraud of $24. I spent this $24 in two attempts - on the 22nd of August and the 12th of September - to have my summa cum laude bachelor's degree transcripts sent to credential evaluation agencies in Canada, where I now live, so that I can rebuild my life after having had it totally destroyed in THREE SEPARATE COUNTRIES - the United States, Russia, and Luxembourg - by criminals affiliated with US Army Intelligence and with other US Government security agencies.

Throughout this theoretically simple process of obtaining basic records of my degrees, I spent roughly six hours on the phone having circuitous, basically incomprehensible conversations with registrar representatives. Would they take my money? Of course. Would they send my transcripts? Apparently not. Would they refund my money? Apparently not. Would they put through a transcript fee waiver for replacement documents? Again, after deliberation - no. And this apparently is not just limited to transcripts; they've apparently also had trouble confirming my degrees on HR background checks in the past.

So here is what I have to say to you today. The people in your registrar's office are corrupt idiots. That in and of itself is not so interesting. In the USA, a country which was founded by religious fundamentalist peasants who firmly believed that murdering British soldiers was an A-OK alternative to paying taxes, corrupt idiots can today be found almost anywhere. The more interesting question is why this corruption has occurred. And I myself do not know the answer to that question. But perhaps you, the FBI, the UFPD, and the Gainesville Police can now put your heads together and figure it out.

Again, I have mentioned that I think you may be familiar with me already, and another reason for that fact is my ongoing battle with former London Business School Dean and Romanian peasant street criminal Andrew 'Anus' Likierman, wherein I have exposed a long-running treasonous criminal in Britain for his criminality against me personally. Of course, the list of Andrew's criminal activities is long, in fact, fraud constitutes the bulk of his career - from organising activism against 1980s-era accounting frauds used to juice the British economy and win the Cold War, to much more recently rigging the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) for the benefit of himself and friends for which he was eventually booted out of most institutions of accountancy in Britain and likewise removed from the board of Barclays Bank. But by exposing Andrew's actions against me personally and discussing those actions in the context of why one might NOT want to attend London Business School I had gratuitously, publicly murdered a Sacred Cow Of Academia and indeed it has also long been difficult to deal with similar degree confirmation issues at that institution also, even long prior to my now very public dispute - because Andrew regulated the labour markets for his graduates well beyond the realm of what might be considered reasonable or even legal, and to the significant detriment of alumni.

But this is about you and me and the University Registrar and my transcripts. And so I note, as I did to the FBI and to the UFPD and to the Gainesville Police, that when you pay for something with a card on which a merchant fraudulently fails to deliver, you can file a claim for a chargeback to return monies lost. This is what I did yesterday at a TD Bank branch in Montréal. The chargeback was immediately granted by TD, for whom the claim was an easy one: the transcripts never arrived, and the registrar refused to return the money or send replacements. But unfortunately for the potential improvement of the University of Florida's apparently awful governance, rather than spend the time to actually confront the University of Florida registrar over the fraud, TD basically just reimbursed me from their own accounts. And this, in turn, is why I am now contacting you directly instead of letting a bank's operations department do the work.

I realise that there are many reasons why a university might want to distance themselves from a graduate. My situation is unfortunately totally out of my control: I and other members of my family have been brutalised by US Army Intelligence and by other US Government security agencies as part of a still-ongoing post-Cold War political purge over several decades. But your registrar has clearly now broken the law with respect to me many, many times. So it is time for you to get the registrar's behaviour in order, and that is why this is an open letter.

I'm not going to address your CV. I don't know how you got your job, and I don't care. Your research was unimpressive and your leadership credentials similar and at first glance I'd guess that you're just another hokey, provincial, evangelical nutcase. Additionally, I suspect that many of my personal side projects in technology have been far more complex and taxing than anything you've ever done. But because the issue at hand is one of clear-cut criminality at such a stupidly visible level that has already been solved for me personally in any case, I'm not even going to do any in-depth research on you at all with the many sources available at my disposal, nor am I going to dox you or attempt to have you thrown in jail. I simply don't care. But today, I ask that you bring a halt to the registrar's criminal victimisation of myself and all other students and alumni. Because if I find out that you've done it again to anyone else I'll need to reconsider that, and I think you'll find that what ensues for you and your colleagues at that point will be extremely unpleasant.

James W. Meng