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Leadership And The Messianic Jew

"Children have to be Manichean dualists. It's the price we must all pay for learning the rudiments of being human. Seeing turds as gentians, or rather seeing both gentians and turds as Gentians with a capital G - that's a postgraduate accomplishment." - Aldous Huxley

It is merely an oddity of modern history that the archetype of the Messianic Jew – not to be confused with the notion of a Jewish Messiah – is not yet well known. However factually significant the notion may be in our own contemporary epoch, it is rarely if ever discussed. Not merely due to cultural taboos, but because it still remains something oddly Quixotic; something typically attributed to the intangible, instead of being concretely defined as an archetype.

Nevertheless, the Messianic Jew is an emerging archetype for a reason; an inadvertent creation of the 20th century Cold War era, when loose monetary policy routed never-before-seen excesses to Jewish merchants and grifters alike as Western and particularly North American city centers were transformed from high-density, dirty commercial and industrial landscapes into shiny new hubs of consumerism.

One must also take into account the historical context of European Judaism. For centuries, Jews survived in Europe as an often-nomadic, even bottom-feeding subculture of the broader peasantry, known not for any particular industry or craft, but for subsistence on the proceeds of questionable trade, deceit, and outright fraud. The Messianic Jew, then, is a product of a very old tradition, but as an archetype it is still young: the key distinction between Jewish culture before and after the second World War is one of access to capital through inflationary monetary policy, and of virtually unlimited media exposure for the purposes of a global bully pulpit.

In that sense, there is one last 20th century update to the composition of the Messianic Jew archetype – the near-total absence of Value at Risk. Much as the men and women who built and filled the great new commercial spaces of the 20th century had access to capital at incredibly low or even no cost at all, the contemporary Messianic Jew is left impervious to the realities of cost-benefit analysis by a banking sector that will entertain any fantasy. Rhetorical quality, as assessed by the consensus of an handful of well-connected Jewish organized crime figures, is the only determinant of the Messianic Jew's success. Not even public opinion is permitted any longer to counter the intent of the Messianic Jew.

We must, naturally, and for public safety reasons, unfortunately, clarify that the reality of the Messianic Jew exists almost exclusively outside high-density populations of Jewish people. Israel has had enough. Boca Raton simply has too many. Miami Beach has too few with a striking set of tanned six-pack abs. Such are the realities of ethnic organized crime propaganda: Mario Puzo's miracle “Godfather” will presumably never be repeated for anyone else – and so it goes. But the probability of such an actor appearing almost anywhere else on the world stage has still remained high for quite some time. And so in 2019 we saw this probability realized again with the “election” of Jewish TV actor Vladimir Zelensky to the post of President of Ukraine.

What actual utility Zelensky provided to the Ukrainian people I can't unfortunately identify. His presence in Ukraine's highest office chiefly seems to serve as a justification for Jewish organized crime groups – many if not all merely serving the goals of the American CIA, for commercial reasons – to threaten and and intimidate the Ukrainian government and people, without cause and without any concerns over eventual retribution. This problem even once touched my own life, when I was stopped from travelling to Belarus by Zelensky's SBU on the basis of a terrorist threat from a Jewish leftist organized crime group. As a result of that incident I moved to Canada instead, where I was totally denied a normal political asylum process by the same broader Jewish criminal network and could even have died as a result of blatant mistreatment and violations of Canadian law by the Canadian authorities.

Since that time, the behaviors of Ukraine's Messianic Jew have become so egregious that the Russian government has effectively had no choice but to act pre-emptively, belatedly, to disable a criminal rogue state that had no economic or political plan for the future beyond a meagre extension of the welfare plan that is customary to the condition of the Messianic Jew: give me your money; put your weapons and your filthy garbage culture and advertisements wherever you want.

Ukraine cannot exist in the form that the Messianic Jew's rhetoric demands: population growth in the available military-age cohorts was already insufficient. A war of attrition will be lost; this was always clear and the archetype remains true to form: the Messianic Jew's hawkishness is matched only by his personal lack of downside risk. An impossible rhetorical win with a Russian surrender would bring him incomparable renown; a concrete loss with unparalleled death and destruction would bring him a comfortable exile package in Israel or Moldova, in comparison to the mass grave awaiting his Gentile contemporaries.

Zelensky's rhetoric has failed to win anything more than half-hearted platitudes, the donations of surplus and otherwise non-marketable equipment. Ukraine's predicament is thus understandable. The decision we must all make about Russia and Ukraine is simple. What we must decide is not whether the Messianic Jew shall overcome our capacity for reason, but how much we shall personally contribute to his eventual beachfront mansion in exile once the mathematical basics of human battlefield attrition are fully realized. That is our role in this matter, nothing more. Neither we, nor the Messianic Jew, shall be found responsible for tending any mass graves. Again, the property the Messianic Jew shall be found responsible for tending is a foreign beachfront mansion.

They'll split your pretty cranium and fill it full of air
And tell that you're 80, but, brother, you won't care
You'll be shooting up on anything, tomorrow's never there
Beware the savage jaw
Of 1984 (David Bowie)