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In Memoriam + On The Jews

in my life I have had many, many, problems with ethnically Jewish people, and yet, somehow I remain a troubled non-anti-Semite, as my father was eligible for Israeli citizenship

My father, Michael Richard Meng, died recently. He died by suicide, in a race war - an American race war - between civilized elite Jewish- and European-Americans, and the usual [TRABLUMPKIN]-Net Jewish- and Anglo-American trash who rule over the failed rogue junta government calling itself the United States of America. Please do not misunderstand: if you are not wealthy, and not Anglo, you are inadvertently with us, because we are the only ones who support you. You might be offered different terms about who you are for the press, for the government, for employers, etc. - but if you are not total disgusting white trash criminals at all times, not just right now but on a retrospective throughout a backward-looking review of your entire life, you might as well sign on with me and everything I tell you right now. Keep that in mind.

I did not have a good relationship with my father from a young age. He was immensely difficult for me, though I was a very good and smart kid. With that, we shall skip the unpleasantness. He had asked not to be eulogized in his last writings, and I shall abide by that request. I would have wanted to provide only a very brief eulogy in any case. My father was the last of eight children from a prominent German-American family on Long Island, New York. He had been educated and employed appropriately, yet a lack of personal discipline and a lack of parental understanding prevented him from attaining an appropriate level of career competence as he came of age. When Leonid Brezhnev died in 1982, leftist Anglo interests in the USA went insane - not just on Gorbachev, on the Soviet Union, and on the entire Eastern Bloc, trying anything they could to destroy anything they could - but also on domestic European-American interests also. My father was one of many who fell victim to subversive interests during that period. He was locked out of the legal profession by lower-class Jewish criminals who wanted to take over the profession of law in Florida for themselves, and he was aggressively displaced.

One result of this period was a divorce that went on forever, funded, unfortunately, by my maternal grandfather that funded nothing but the same lower-class south Florida Jewish criminal network; there was, eventually, a grand move, by my mother's Polish-Hungarian-German noble parents from a significant inherited property in Alabama to Florida. This, likewise, worked out badly. Within a decade my grandfather had been poisoned to the point of senility; the family money lost; an unsuccessful but very serious attempt made on my grandmother's life made by criminal Florida 'doctors', and everything else in our lives essentially destroyed. I fled, first to Russia, then to the European Union, then to Canada, then back to the European Union again once falsified charges against me by criminal interests in the American FBI were finally disposed of.

All, of course, as a result of lower-class American Jews. Sadly, had I not been part Jewish via my father, and had my mother not worked for a significant Harvard-educated Jew - Victor Niederhoffer - during her time in New York City in the 1970s, I would probably not have come on their radar enough that I would have become their targeted persecution victim. Victor's most important hedge fund finally failed during the 2008 financial crisis for a good reason - multiple scions of European-American financial dynasties, including and perhaps most prominently me, had sounded the alarm about fake elites' support of lower-class Americans' inappropriate advancement in the housing and labor markets. All was fraud, just as my father knew. But we had long become targets of the local Jewish [TRABLUMPKIN]-Elite by simple virtue of available bank balances. It was over. We had to defect to the Soviet Union, as life in the USA had become impossible. Yet this was not possible, the year being 2008 and not 1988. We looked at other options, further afield, those likewise not possible. During this period, Great Britain tried but failed to immigrate me, offering me permanent residency alongside major poisonings to the local water and food supply in London funded by the CIA that would have obviously killed me had I stayed. Only then did it become entirely clear, on an internationally-discloseable level, that major changes had to be made, forced, even, on the general populace.

I now live in Germany, in a government-provided apartment in a remote section of the Alps, alone, on German government welfare. I cannot work, for the simple reason that the [TRABLUMPKIN]-Jews in organized crime know that I will outperform not just them, at anything, but German peasants also. It happens everywhere they try it: at a bank, a tech company, an auction house, a biotech company, the Census Bureau, multiple warehouses, and even a steel mill - their hereditary inferiority hits them in the face every time and they lose control, start committing crimes against me, and are promptly documented and reported to police - who do nothing, of course, because the West no longer enforces its own laws. And so even though I have already renounced my US citizenship in Brussels in February 2022, with the help of my *ahem* distant relative, I am still not allowed to work. I cannot be disabled, as evil German peasants would ordinarily do for America, because I will notice, report, and cure almost any poisoning immediately, and I cannot work - because I will be too good at working and too impossible to talk to in code to be recorded as yet another allegedly 'brain-injured' success patient of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (something you can read about elsewhere on my website, in my biography here, and on Google Maps.)

My father's grandmother was a Jew. Thus, he was eligible for Israeli citizenship throughout his entire life - even during the worst moments of persecution by local underclass Jewish organized crime interests in Boca Raton, Florida. He was also, as it happens, eligible for German citizenship. Either would have solved his problem but - in that day and age, one did not just get up and leave, especially to Germany or Israel, and indeed the US Government might have prevented him from doing so. But nothing was properly communicated, by anyone but me, ever, and so - on 31 October 2022 my father finally did what he had always thought would be funny for old cynics like himself: he hung himself, in his own yard in Gainesville, Florida, on Halloween night, knowing that Americans' absurd lack of attention to detail would lead to an almost-unfathomable delay in the matter being reported to authorities as the local neighborhood kids went trick-or-treating. "Mommy, is it real?" He had just turned sixty-nine years old.