James W. Meng

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THE NAVEL GAZIER (5 February 2023)

apologies, friends, one must publicly release a personal letter from time to time

Listen, faggot.

You've spent quite a lot of time and effort targeting me with ads over the years. Yet you don't seem to even remotely be able to grasp the nature of my circumstances, nor whom I help already, nor how you should even contact me appropriately. I think I make it pretty clear on my personal website: "Call (leave a message and I'll return your call) or e-mail me to get in touch." Yet you want to continue to be a [TRABLUMPKIN] gay and continue to talk to me via crappy online ads with photos of you pointing at the phone or sitting in a chair somewhere and smiling, mouth closed.

This doesn't work. I have a real brain, not a [TRABLUMPKIN]-Net, in my skull. You want my information before or at the same time as I offer it to my friends and to people I have no choice but to deal with? Well then figure out a way to call me. I'm not going to call you. I don't ever call the adverse-selected brains - ever. It's an old rule. I don't care what's between your legs, you pull this "pay attention to my gay [TRABLUMPKIN] peasant ass" shit on me and you may as well go drown yourself in excrement in a cesspool right now. I literally can't even tell if you EVER invested in decent dental work from your online ads. Go fuck yourself.

I have a phone number posted on the main page of my personal website. If you want to contact me, call the number, announce yourself, and Google will put it through. Not comfortable? Leave a pseudonym that doesn't pass their muster like every other White Anglo Field Peasant does and then leave a message with a return number and I'll call you back. Still not comfortable? Write me from a pseudonym. Still not comfortable? WELL THEN SHORT EVERYTHING YOU FRAUDULENTLY TELL YOUR CLIENTS IS WORTH ANYTHING, YOU DISGUSTING SHITHOLE [TRABLUMPKIN].

Still not comfortable? Come to Brussels, and call +32 [redacted] from a land line. I always pick up on that number.

James W. Meng