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A Labor-Based Analysis of United States “Safe Country” Claims in Political Asylum Cases

One of the United States’ most common defensive claims that arises when US citizens apply for political asylum abroad is that the USA is considered a ‘Safe Country’ with legitimate, non-corrupt judicial institutions and labor markets. Now, I have already proven in my own case that this is not the case. On the subject of jurisprudence, many matters – appeals, governance enquiries and complaints, and so on – are either still ongoing, being denied, being held by the US Postal Service, or being ignored entirely. And of course, these situations are totally unacceptable and fly in the face of these illegitimate claims that the USA is indeed a safe country because the reality is that the USA is currently denying me due process of law, a fundamental human right set out in the USA’s constitution.

Another central claim to my case that I make regularly is that the USA has locked me out of its labor markets entirely. I am not even allowed to interview for any job in the USA as a result of the USA’s activities. The CIA attempt to produce the same outcomes for me abroad and were only willing to allow me to work while in Russia at near-starvation wages as the result of corrupt dealings with the Russian authorities and the authorities of other countries in violation of the USA’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

So what I decided to do to prove this empirically is to apply to every suitable position available to my profile in all of the USA’s national and state Job Bank websites. These websites are government-run, state-specific, verify citizenship and Social Security Numbers, and feature real job openings offered at private companies that are qualified to provide employment that is fully compliant with all federal regulations and laws.

In terms of my own profile – people with my background normally make salaries of $100,000 or more annually in the USA. $150,000 is in reality a more realistic labor market estimate. I am 31 years old; I have a master’s degree from a top-tier business school and undergraduate degrees with highest honours from a top-ranked public university in the USA; I have multiple previous, highly selective and successful entrepreneurial and corporate work experiences on my resume; I also maintain several charitable activities and open-source software projects. I have superlative computer skills, no criminal record, no points on my American driver’s license, and am a white male US citizen with nine years of work experience willing to relocate nationwide and travel up to 100% of the time. I additionally have no debt outstanding except a roughly $6900 lien from the Washington State Department of Employment Security that is being fraudulently reported as a tax lien and is actually related to an old unemployment claim that was retroactively denied illegally as part of efforts to illicitly reduce the published unemployment rate for Donald Trump’s administration and for which I was illegally denied the right to appeal (they repeatedly ignored my requests and repeatedly sent me threatening e-mail messages and incoherent court decisions, which I can make available on request.)

In my view, the USA is provably unworthy of the ‘Safe Country’ designation, and particularly for those who already are being victimised by its authorities. If there has been any meaningful change in these conditions under the Presidential administration of Donald Trump, I should expect to see interview, hiring offer, and salary improvements demonstrated here. It is worth noting that access to capital improves one’s access to due process of law in most cases: being able to hire attorneys, and better ones, is a critical factor in being able to keep government-sponsored criminality at bay.

12th August 2019. UPDATE: The U.S. States of Georgia, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Indiana, and possibly others, DO NOT MAINTAIN LEGITIMATE JOB BOARDS. Their job boards contain few, no, or fake entries. One, Indiana, is even facilitating an Apple Store Gift Card scam with illegally-distributed user personal data wherein candidates are contacted about remote work. As part of the setup process, prospective candidates - after signing formal offer documents and confidentiality agreements - are requested to purchase $200 worth of Apple Store Gift Cards and send pictures of the cards and the codes on the back underneath the scratchoff material so that the scammers, who are actually corporate employees attempting to extract bribes from job-seeking hopefuls, can then buy things for themselves with the Apple Store credit. I personally was not successfully victimised by these scammers, but fully documented their processes and personal data and have elevated the matter with the American FBI and Canadian RCMP.

17th August 2019. UPDATE: The Americans continue to respond to me with criminality and other illegitimate behavior. I have been contacted by another Apple Store Gift Card scammer; I have also been invited to interview for a minimum-wage financial advisor trainee role at Prudential's offices in California and Hawaii, and likewise for a minimum-wage entry-level life insurance broker role in Hawaii for which I was asked to interview in person IN HAWAII. Travel reimbursement was not offered. I proposed initial interviews via teleconference, to which I received no response. Entertainingly, I also received a response from the Watford, North Dakota Police Department, to whom I had applied for an entry-level police officer intake class, and who actually responded and requested that I fill out and return an application, which I have done.

18th August 2019. UPDATE: I have been contacted by a woman offering franchisee 'opportunities' with various American businesses. I have declined, as I do not feel that a country that has already attempted to steal my assets, destroy my career and kill me is a safe country to continue investing in. Additionally, I have sent off a signed "Pre-Application Arbitration Agreement" to GC Investment Management, a U.S. Virgin Islands firm allegedly "providing investment management, fund accounting, operational and administrative services" whose website provides only a link to this agreement in PDF; a brief explanation of its job listings; and a link to a contact form.

23rd September 2019. UPDATE: I have received either rejections or total lack of response to all of my job applications in the US states of Kansas, Kentucky, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, New Mexico, Idaho, Georgia, West Virginia, North Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Nevada, Virgin Islands, Virginia, and Hawaii. At the same time I have also been contacted repeatedly by a man running a website that provides videos and resumes of Americans interested in teaching English in private foreign language schools in China to those employers. I have declined, because I have taught English abroad previously and have my own network of contacts in that sphere already and in any case, this exercise is designed to ascertain whether or not the US Government has any political will at all to provide a legally and ethically appropriate resolution to a major, legitimate political refugee case - not whether or not China is able to accept a legitimate asylum case from the USA. He has continued spamming me and eventually I blocked incoming e-mails from him. I have also repeatedly been contacted by SV Boxshop, a consumer products drop-shipper, for a part-time role that pays US$20 per hour on a pre-tax basis and would require me to return to the United States, which of course I cannot do until the US Government formally agrees to prosecute the various government-employed criminals that have victimised me in the past. I was offered a similar role with another drop-shipper at US$14 per hour also, and refused both offers because they are totally inappropriate for my education and experience profile.

24th September 2019. UPDATE: I have received a formal letter of rejection from the Watford, North Dakota Police Department at my Canadian address.

23rd July 2021. UPDATE: I eventually returned to the USA in March 2020 after being essentially forced to do so as the Jewish-run American companies to whom I had been enslaved as a political refugee in Canada all cut me off. Upon return, I worked as a multilingual enumerator for the 2020 U.S. Census and was wrongfully terminated less than two weeks before the end of the contract, presumably so they could fail to offer me a full-time position. I was then denied all formal re-employment services typically provided by the New York Department of Labor and was likewise totally denied all access to the courts for a wrongful termination lawsuit against the Census Bureau. I then took sporadic work as an elections supervisor and as a food delivery courier for Uber Eats and DoorDash. Eventually, a colleague of a relative who runs a commercial publishing house asked me to cover for their delivery driver who was out due to COVID-19. Shortly thereafter I was poisoned with a nerve agent, probably via our water supply, and went deaf. It is not safe to drive professionally when you are deaf - just ask police or insurers, they'll be happy to tell you. I then fled the country for medical care. I have my hearing back, but we are still no further than we were almost two years ago when this project began and the USA is still provably not worthy of the United Nations' Safe Country designation, so I have left and applied for political asylum abroad, again.