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OBITUARY: Andrew "The Anus of the Jiggering Shithole" Likierman

In 2001, Coony Loserbeth picked her Anus.

This, believe it or not, is not intended as homoerotia. Rather, the Coon and her Greek husband continued selecting knights that would hopefully minimize the risk of the peasants killing one or both of them, and in this, I would note, they failed entirely. Much as nobody could find Edward VIII a suitable wife, which is the core reason for this giant mess the whole fucking world is in right now, nobody could find Coony Loserbeth any Jewish men to bestow a knighthood upon other than this imbecilic, pubic-haired leftist extremist ingrate who should have first been in prison for Cold War era espionage, then for financial crimes greater than those of Bernie Madoff against literally the whole of the credit-using population of Britain, and in addition to that, eventually, hundreds of counts of human trafficking crimes carried out during his tenure as Dean of the London Jiggering Shithole.

Remember, folks, nothing gets out the shithole except through the Anus: that business school is without a doubt the single largest identifiable epicentre of labor market inversion in the western world today. If you can't get out the Anus, then you can't get out the shithole.

I. Espionage And The Pilkington Affair

I often joke that the current crowd of professionals who have immigrated to London have no idea how it got there. The Anus, however, is an even more advanced case of this phenomenon: not only does he not know how it got there, he does not know what it is made out of, either. Why was it not just rebuilt in wood after the Great Fire of 1666? This is a particularly arduous topic for a Jigger criminal who wants government money to be spent on him instead of on building materials. Why not just politely leave the wood buildings alone and set your money on fire instead? Decisions, decisions.

II. Embezzlement And The Barclays LIBOR-Rigging Scandal

Periodically, when attempting to communicate with Anglo peasants, I find that it is helpful to take a step back and try to construct a narrative that can part the supercloud of brain fog in their heads and serve as a theoretical foundation for a further expanded discussion. To that end, you might want to read something about LIBOR before we go any further.

III. Human Trafficking At London Business School

Again with the theoretical foundations. Empathy is a useful tool in understanding many different situations. To that end, try to imagine: if you were literally so genetically adverse-selected that you did NOT even have differentiated hair follicles, how important would it be to you to have human capital priced accurately and in such a way that supported a functional society? Right.