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The Cock In Ass Are Looking For A Few Good Faggots

For those of you who are still not sure whether you are a black Jew or a Slav, in order to determine where you should stand on the subject of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, well, I guess we'll keep working on it.

NOTE: Below is a funny comment that is no longer relevant because the instrumentation of the melody I reference has mysteriously been changed from a trumpet to a cello, and I had nothing to do with that.

(I'm sorry, but as a musician, the soundtrack to this is absurd; you feel like the thing is going to break out into a full blown Mariachi band experience at any second with that goddamned trumpet line. Where in the Americas are we headed here?)

ALSO NOTE: About two days after I posted my transcription of this video, 'Google' updated their translation of the transcript, and I likewise had nothing to do with that. Their translation is now much more human; much more poetic and coherent than it was before, lending considerable poetic license to translations that are simply not quite right. But some people still find Cock In Ass more poetic and enjoyable than others, and I encourage all of you to make your own choices.

anyhow, on we go. isn't this a great time to be alive? endless soft landings for total fucking idiots.

I'm not willing to translate this video. I refuse. It is a gay porno about gay porno. Instead, I've provided a transcript below, and you can just copy/paste it into Google Translate if you want.

Это та жизнь, о которой я мечтал?
Тот путь, который я себе выбирал?
Почему жизни одних людей ценятся больше, чем жизни других?
И кто это решает?
Быть героем - это значит выстоять.
Но выстоять - это ведь не значить терпеть напрасно?
Лучший способ удержать заключенного от побега:
сделать так, чтобы он никогда не узнал, что находится в тюрме.
Мы легко поддаемся лжи.
Но мы ведь знаем, какова наша действительность.
Реальность, в которой мы живем
И реальность, о которой мы говорим шепотам.
Я не верю в револуцию.
Истиная жизнь происходит там,
где совершаются незаметные изменения в душах людей.
Незаметные для моей страны, но не для меня.
Я буду жить истинной жизнью.
Это моя Россия.
Это всегда будет моя Россия.
Я выстою
Моя семья выстоит
Мы будем жить достойно
Благодаря мойм действиям.

Closing Lines

Люди, которые вас окружают
возможно не хотят слышать правду.
Мы хотим.
Вы не бессильны
Свяжитесь с нами безопасным образом.


This is a short-length propaganda film that is one part about the megalomania of the faux lower echelon elite of Negrorossiya, the "Russia" of Putin post 2010 or so, that post-dates the Russian Federation of Boris Yeltsin and his colleagues; and one part about the inevitable, periodic demonstrations of those forced to dwell in Gorbachev-era luxury apartments for those to whom wealth was beginning to be allocated almost at random, something which I note is still preferable to the increasingly inverse wealth allocation of most of the world today. People approximately half or more of whom are working in jobs that are ultimately partially fake or perhaps even entirely fake, their salaries supporting various consumption multiplier-driven subeconomies; not terribly interesting stuff. Nevertheless, the drive of those who are geographically isolated and feel they are being wronged cannot and should not be underestimated.

So, you see it, the wife is the one who calls the CIA. Presumably because she fears for her children; her husband's political future presumably becoming more and more uncertain due to the inevitable actings-out that Slavic peasants typically exhibit, even through middle age; and the ever-increasing momentum-trading of one's superego that often can occur when one reads the press of multiple countries. Pretentious nonsense about "This is My Russia and it will always be my Russia and I don't want a revolution here" that figures prominently, suspiciously, in both American AND Negrorossiyan discourse about Russia today is central to the film. NO, it is NOT your Russia and it will NOT always be your Russia: legitimate claims of White Russian families exiled or murdered during the 1917 revolution and the ensuing civil war are still left to be made to the entire territory of Russia, all its natural resoures, tons of cultural and other physical property, etc., something that likewise applies to Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Abkhazia, Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan, Azerbaijan, Kazhakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Uzbekistan. None of these countries have repaid anything to the rightful property owners or their surviving descendants, nor did they repay the bankers who initially financed the Soviet government that emerged out of the Russian Civil War, and nor have any even returned any property looted from Germany and elsewhere in the Axis territories by the Red Army at the end of World War II. Nor will any of those countries grant citizenship to anyone whose ancestors fled before the Soviet Union was formed. SHUT UP, IT'S NOT YOURS, YOU NEVER PAID.

So there is a real question, still, about whose "Russia" Negrorossiya really is and who should be its head of state, and on that note, it is worth mentioning that the remaining pre-eminent member of the House of Romanov is Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, who lives in Madrid along with her son and presumptive heir, Grand Duke George. And the discussion to be raised on both sides, I really think, is multifaceted, but also not very interesting. Do we really need to victimize each other over such absurd, provincial bullshit. Should those in mostly fake jobs not just shut up and appreciate life. Should we let our disagreements get to such a height that we actually have to kill each other, throw each other in prison, bankrupt each other, poison each other, and so forth. See, these are not such impressive acts. Stealing is not such a sophisticated thing to do, yet, in Negrorossiya, it is anything but rare. Most poisoners, likewise, find it easy to get their hands on what they need and get it to their targets, yet, could never synthesize these poisons themselves if the need arose. The speed at which most residents of Negrorossiya become totally useless in the absence of quite a substantial amount of coddling that exists for them today is astonishing, yet, they never see it that way until it is all too late and Alexey Navalny is in prison starving himself, and then there is so much handwringing about the brutality of police and prisons and judges and courtroom cells and anything else imaginable and women and gays and Ukrainians and god knows what else covered from head to toe in tattoos are screaming at Moscow riot police and throwing Molotov cocktails every which way and being beaten and there is OUTRAGE, from all angles of the collective west, but never any solution.

And this is what I always found so interesting about Negrorossiya, I mean, this is a country whose near-abroad was being nibbled away at by total scams in the financial and monetary sphere for ages by the collective west until finally Putin decided to take another route, presumably because he accurately anticipated ultimately losing all control of the near-abroad in the business sphere as well.

But that's not all, I mean, I said I refuse to translate this text, and I'm sticking with that, but there is one line that struck me as strange:
"Почему жизни одних людей ценятся больше, чем жизни других?"
And that is because of the usage of the word "люди". It throws the whole narrative off the rails, and I honestly have no idea if it's because the American translator is worried s/he'll fire off the political correctness silent alarm if s/he uses the correct word to express what I think s/he's trying to express, given the timing of the war, which is "народ". This is because the English word "people" can translate into two different words, the other of which is "люди". The former expresses ethnicity, e.g., "the Ukrainian people" or "украйнский народ" and the latter does not: "One hundred people" or "сто людей". Of course, Putin says that Ukrainians and Russians are one people, which is not exactly true west of the Dniepr, but even so, using the phrase "одних людей" makes no sense, it disregards not just ethnicity, but national borders, citizenship, etc.

Look, it's nice to be positive, but the core sentiments of this video, excluding the notion that one should call the CIA and voice their discontent about random elements of their paper-pushing welfare life in the country that their ancestors stole, were much better expressed in this track, "Dolce Vita", by Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy. It's just glossily-produced shits they're taking over in Langley. A bunch of [TRABLUMPKINS], one might say.