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Free Denise Nicole Frazier: An Open Letter to Joe Biden

From time to time, it becomes rather enjoyable to step back from the most avant-garde moments in the ever-increasingly insane Anglo legal sphere, and instead - step forward and zoom in to take a microscopic look at the low, the banal, and the disgusting.


Interim Chieftain of the United State of Shithole
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC, 20502

13 April 2023



There is an American woman, Denise Nicole Frazier, age 19, of Myrick, Tennessee, who has apparently been arrested just recently and jailed on $25,000 bond as she awaits trial for aggressive animal cruelty - for posting a string of videos to Snapchat in which she engages in a variety of sex acts with one of her dogs, a male German Shepherd. If convicted, she could face as much as 10 years in a state prison.

I have not been able to locate a copy of the videos on the internet. Allegedly they were released for a brief period of time on Reddit but deleted at the request of local police, who described the matter thus: "In my 17 years in law enforcement, this is one of the most disturbing cases that I’ve ever investigated...[Jones County Sheriff's Department] is in possession of several videos that are so graphic that we are not at liberty to release them or even discuss the particular content. The investigation into this case is far from over."

Even if I did have the videos, I'd obviously decline to repost them on my website or print out screenshots from those videos to accompany this letter, on the grounds that they depict illegal acts of animal cruelty, something I personally abhor.

Now, Joe, as you know, I've written you previously on matters of law. In this case, I feel strongly that this poor girl deserves the greatest empathy and compassion that you personally, and America as a nation, can muster up. This poor girl deserves incredible empathy and compassion from all of us as she goes through this very scary process that could take as much as a decade of her life from her. For this poor girl, what I am certain began as a totally normal love of animals turned into something sad and warped and disgusting - but that does not mean she is without remorse, it does not mean that she is without compassion for her animals, and it does not mean that she is forever a predator. She is, I am certain, merely a victim - of social media culture, of pornography, and perhaps even of grooming into the sex industry - something that may have even begun before she was of age.

Joe, I believe that Denise Nicole Frazier is fully worthy of a Presidential Pardon before you lose the upcoming election. This was a purebred German Shepherd dog, Joe, a shining example of equal parts careful breeding and superb natural selection, a powerful, intelligent, noble, loyal creature. And quite frankly, while bestiality has never interested me personally, having seen what I have of female reproductive choices in the West over the course of my life, I would say that her decision to have sex with her dog is not entirely crazy or irrational, and particularly when taken into context as an act not of sex, but of performance art. Here in Europe (and in America also) there are women, educated women from civilized backgrounds, even, who marry and have children with men from some of the most genetically adverse-selected populations in the third world - men who are not just first-generation Europeans and Americans, but first-generation literates (if that). Many of these men are from remote rural populations, and inbreeding has rendered them already not fully human in some of the key ways in which we tend to classify the taxonomy of our species: opposable thumbs, naturally paired teeth from birth, a full-size frontal lobe, and so on. Yet, Denise Nicole Frazier has not given birth to a child with any of these sorts of men. She has merely been goaded, perhaps even illegally, into engaging in a disgusting sex act, probably through coercion and for money, and probably by criminals - by people who are deep in the muck of organized crime already. Is this poor girl unemployed? What could possibly otherwise have driven her to do something like this?

Joe, this arrest and the mean scare tactics the police and courts are attempting to use on this poor young girl are totally above and beyond what she deserves. What she is experiencing is merely emblematic of social problems that affect all Americans. Please, see it in your heart to give her another chance - in her life, with people and with animals, and in her career. As a father, let her move on from this horrible mistake, and from this awful world of prostitution and pornography.

Thank you for your attention.

James W. Meng