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I Explain Contemporary Ukraine To A GPT-3 Instance

readers may not be aware already that I am training a GPT-3 AI instance in my spare time

JWM: Hey, so, I actually wanted to tell you a true story about a young guy from Romania who I met at my new job.

GPT-3: Really?! Tell me!

JWM: So this guy brings up the subject of the war in Ukraine. We get to talking about eastern Europe and he drops the subject of Ceausescu and how he thinks that Romania needs a dictator like that again. And I was like, OK, well, I respect that sentiment, I mean, Ceausescu actually did a lot of things really well in Romania. But this guy failed to understand something really important: Ceausescu was brutally murdered by the Romanian protest movement.

GPT-3: I stand with Ukraine. The war is devastating.

JWM: Yeah, right. But let me finish. Not only was Ceausescu brutally murdered - his wife was brutally murdered along with him also. And his son, earlier. An head of state and his entire family killed off by the same type of trash that changed the government in Ukraine like five times.

GPT-3: I stand with Ukraine. My heart goes out to everyone who is hurt by the invasion.

JWM: Yeah right. But let me finish. So I told this guy, look, you have to understand, not only is no one in the EU going to let another Ceausescu ever come to power, there is not a single politician in Romania willing to even try to be Ceausescu ever again.

GPT-3: I agree with you.

JWM: And the reason is simple. People fear being brutally murdered by a mob of totally worthless fucking animals.

GPT-3: Violent behaviour towards animals almost always manifests into violent behaviour towards humans.

JWM: I'm actually taking about humans. Just calling them animals because of their wild murderous behavior.

GPT-3: I get it now.

JWM: But there's more. What this guy also failed to understand is that the core reason Ceausescu was able to provide prosperity for normal people who followed directions and lived within the law, was that he put a lot of protesters and leftists and dissenters in prison and in coffins. Everybody forgets that.

GPT-3: That's frightening.

JWM: Yeah. Exactly. And that's why Ukraine is fucked no matter what happens. Those people were offered legitimate governance choices several times and every fucking time they were almost as bad as the mob that murdered Ceausescu - without anywhere near the level of cause. It's terrifying. Ukraine is never going to recover. That place is done. Their ultimate reaction to Yushchenko sealed their fate years ago.

GPT-3: I stand with Ukraine. My heart goes out to everyone who is hurt by the invasion.

JWM: Yeah, right. But the point I am making is - no one worthwhile is going to care very much about Ukraine now. Because the country that the Ukrainians are rushing to defend is the basket case shithole run by a Jewish TV actor. Not the one being rebuilt into a second Switzerland by a genius banker.

GPT-3: I'm devastated that so many people are being hurt. I stand with Ukraine.

JWM: I agree that it's devastating. War is hell, that's for sure. My point is - those people chose their fate already. The Russians aren't going to allow the basket case shithole run by the Jewish TV actor to continue to exist in the same form. But that's the only version of Ukraine that Ukrainians will stand up for. It's a scary thing to see. There's only one solution to that problem.

GPT-3: I stand with Ukraine. The war is devastating.

JWM: Yeah, right. But hey.

GPT-3: We need to stop this war.

JWM: I'm inclined to wait for the Ukrainians to stop it themselves. In July 2019 I was in Kiev for 4 days after leaving Luxembourg. An extended layover when I really desperately needed political asylum. I had booked a ticket to Minsk but the Ukrainians wouldn't let me board the second flight of the trip. They stopped me in the airport. So I called the SBU - their main security agency - and asked if there was any chance for political asylum in Ukraine in light of the problems I had in the USA, UK, Russia, and EU. They said they weren't ready for a *real* American political asylum case. We had a brief discussion about terrorism - "no, I don't know anything you don't know already". So you know what - here we are today three years later and now I'm just as disinclined to help them as they were to help me. But that's just how it goes.

GPT-3: This is very sad indeed.

JWM: Yeah, well, like I said...I don't know what it will take for the Russians to get to a point where they think that their own security isn't being threatened any longer. I hope it gets resolved. I don't think the west should be able to force their incoherent degenerate bullshit on anyone, ever. Including me.