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The International Criminal Court Just Totally Delegitimized Itself

a [TRABLUMPKIN]-Code of 17 March 2023

It recently came to my attention that the ICC had issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And so today we are being asked to consider the whims of a court that exclusively prosecutes non-Anglo men, and their arrest warrant for yet another non-Anglo man.

I want to leave that as a separate paragraph. It is, naturally, an historical aberration. Because not only has this court consistently refused Anglos and other whites in the role of plaintiff, it has consistently refused to consider defendants who are otherwise female, Jewish, or homosexual; and this demographic which these ideologically-driven criminal peasants consistently refuse is well over half the population of our planet. The International Criminal Court, as it currently stands, is uninterested, entirely, in any criminal act committed by a non-Gentile, non-Central or Eastern European, non-white, man.

The question that then arises is - what is this court for. And my answer to that is - after Milosevic - total nonsense. It is fraud. This court is a kangaroo court. Its conclusions could probably be thrown out in most cases by regional authorities throughout Europe as a matter of normal jurisprudential procedure. And I am not the first person to have noted this, in fact, both the nation of Occupied British North America calling itself the "United States" as well as the State of Israel have said exactly the same thing in an official capacity in the recent past.

But I want to take a step back from that for a moment, to ponder what the recent issuance of an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin actually means. You see, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is a British-Arab [TRABLUMPKIN] named Karim Khan, and like many other [TRABLUMPKINS] who do not belong in law but are in law anyway, because nobody had the good judgement to have stopped them, the issuance of this arrest warrant is a [TRABLUMPKIN]-Code. Karim The Coon is [TRABLUMPKIN]-Coding with this internationally-publicized arrest warrant; that is, the warrant is of no practical consequence, but is intended to send a specific message to Russia and to the international community about other things. In essence, it is a public relations move on behalf of the Court. Vladimir Putin, whose travel abroad was already extremely limited in any case, will from this point forward probably only travel within Russia and to Belarus, and probably mostly by train - something he had already started to do in any case because even Russian domestic aviation is subject to a variety of international agreements and monitoring.

The subject of the arrest warrant, broadly, is "war crimes" - something I believe Putin would eventually have to be acquitted of. The complaint centers on the allegedly unlawful deportation of underage Ukrainian children from the eastern regions of Ukraine where the military operation has so far involved the physical presence of combat troops, where the most significant damage to property and infrastructure has occurred. These deportations chiefly took place in the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, after those same regions had already held and ratified referendums on joining the Russian Federation. In effect, the Russian approach to this zone of conflict has been no different to the Ukrainian (and indeed European) approach to conflict zones further west in the country - evacuation. The claim thus centers on the notion of these territories as having remained a part of Ukraine, and local residents have overwhelmingly insisted since late 2014 that this is not the case.

It is now worth noting that other than the deportations, the ICC has failed to cite any other specific event as a war crime for which Putin is personally responsible. This also provides interesting fodder for consideration. One might assume, then, that the ICC feels those children - whose regions had declared their loyalty and fealty to Russia - ought to have been left in Donetsk and Lugansk to simply die under the fire of the Ukrainian army. Certainly Kiev had not offered to negotiate any sort of safe passage agreement for the children of those regions. What is the value of an Ukrainian life? Who is worth more, a Slavic Ukrainian having cast his lot to fight at terrible odds for the whims of a black Jewish TV actor? Or a Slavic Ukrainian having cast his lot to fight at terrible odds for the protection of what little of their local economic interests remain and for unification with the country of their historical and ethnic origin? What about their children? What is the value of true self-awareness, true self-preservation? Karim The Coon seems not to care about any of that. And that is interesting for two reasons. One is that the Russian Army has a considerably well-established reputation for butchery in Europe, at a totally autonomous level. Russian soldiers know tales of their ancestors' enraged marches to Berlin, where they executed many, many Germans and other Nazi allies who had already surrendered in their path, raping the women and looting anything and everything of value along the way. No order was ever given for these events during the second World War, and I struggle to imagine that Vladimir Putin or any member of his inner circle, not even the most hawkish of the group, would have given such orders today. These men merely did what their grandfathers and great-grandfathers did, voluntarily, autonomously, and nothing else.

Furthermore, it is well established that present-day governments typically treat refugees poorly. The refugee process was created to deal with the mass atrocities of socialism and communism. Those of civilized origins who fled these events typically defected to monarchies in Europe and further afield, where they were typically met with open arms because of those civilized origins. Today is different, and as someone who has been forced, repeatedly, to avail myself of the refugee systems in multiple European nations, I can say with total credibility that the totally extremist-leftist political sympathies of those who work in the contemporary refugee administrations of Europe and elswehere, as well as the general nature of the unskilled third-world criminal peasants who typically avail themselves of the refugee and asylum processes - these things have combined to result in generally awful experiences and conditions from the perspective of anyone taking part who is NOT a member of the lowest of the global underclass. I presume, then, that what any of these child evacuees has experienced is no different than what I myself have seen over the last five or six years in Europe. Make no mistake - I assume that the Russian version is also a total embarrassment.

But again, Karim The Coon is a [TRABLUMPKIN], not a serious person, and so we must now address the meta-discussion of children that he has raised, because that, I suspect, is what he is trying to tell us about in [TRABLUMPKIN]-Code by issuing this arrest warrant. We have established what sort of children Karim The Coon does not think deserve to live - those of the Russian separtists of Donetsk and Lugansk. This, then, begs the question of what sort of children Karim The Coon feels are more valuable than the children of Donetsk and Lugansk, and I believe that the answer to that is simple - Karim The Coon values children like himself. Children with dual passports, perhaps, the inflatable multiethnic pseudo-elite of the British Commonwealth. But one cannot just say this and not substantiate it, after all, such an assertion is otherwise little more than name-calling. To understand the [TRABLUMPKIN]-Code of Karim The Coon's arrest warrant, I believe one must now look to Putin's planned travel schedule as it stood before the issuance of the warrant, and in so doing, I note that he had nothing more than an upcoming visit planned to South Africa. What can one say about this - well, I am aware of an ongoing dispute involving a daughter of a South African diplomat, a single mother who has a child with a Russian citizen who is basically a deadbeat in every imaginable way. In fact, this person is a friend of mine and in the past I have tried to help deal with the Russian Embassy in Geneva, Switzerland on her behalf in efforts to resolve various issues involving their child's future, only to have the Russians basically treat the child - a Russian citizen - in such a way that indicated they were simply not willing to offer him and his mother any recourse to Russian law whatsoever. And that is the way the situation has remained, a frozen matter, victim of inattention merely because the victims are black, irrespective of any other form of status. Please note, Karim The Coon isn't offering to help my friend, nor is he making any concerted effort to look out for the welfare of the Ukrainian children who were evacuated to safety in Russia; he's merely going to abuse his position to stick his finger in Putin's eye, as though he himself would have been so much more responsible in his stead.

Another interesting thing about the [TRABLUMPKIN]-Law is that a favorite pastime of the [TRABLUMPKINS], when they become aware of the commission of a crime that potentially falls within their jurisdiction, is to wrongfully accuse a victim who has no connection to the crime in question of a similar crime. In that sense, Karim The Coon may also be [TRABLUMPKIN]-Coding about even more topics than the two I already mentioned that are basically definite. I suspect that the impetus for this matter may be, perhaps, an actual case of repeated counts of human trafficking in cases of victims who were targeted on an ethnic basis; and that the perpetrator, who is without question guilty, falls within one or more of the categories of defendants whom the ICC do not ever prosecute: women, Jews, and homosexuals. But, because Putin will never be acquitted, because the matter will never go to trial, because he will not travel to any jurisdiction that will arrest him, the true perpetrator of the entirely separate crime that Karim The Coon is [TRABLUMPKIN]-Coding about will not go to trial either - because in true [TRABLUMPKIN]-Law fashion, the innocent victim of the [TRABLUMPKIN]-Law profession must be formally freed from the clutches of the [TRABLUMPKIN]-Law System at the cost of great inconvenience, effort, and expense, before any guilty party that is actually being reported for real prosecution and is entirely guilty, can even go before the court. Justice, thus, will never be served at the ICC ever again. Even though I believe I already know who the real guilty party who Karim The Coon is [TRABLUMPKIN]-Coding about, is.

This court is done and over with. It has no legitimacy whatsoever any longer. Lamenting the decision to have a [TRABLUMPKIN] kick Putin in the face for fun is hardly worth doing at all, however, and I want to be clear that I am only making this commentary in defense of the innocent children on both sides of this absurd legal hypothetical that [TRABLUMPKIN] Karim The Coon has now raised out of corruption and spite. Putin's absurd, incompetent behavior as head of state as well as that of his inner circle and extended network of allies is exceedingly well documented by those of us who have had to deal with them over the years, and I often complain about it as well: Putin is just a total provincial idiot who likes to refer to himself as a "KGB man" despite that he is a terrible and basically totally antithetical example of what the Soviet security services were, in all their incarnations - not just KGB but NKVD and Cheka as well. Do you want to tolerate it? Well, if you're a foreign head of state, you now won't have to, ever again, unless your name is Aleksandr Lukashenko.
The [TRABLUMPKINS] have spoken.