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On Olaf Scholz: The Collected Letters (Are 'Germans Human?)

spoiler: no

Another piece that can stay short, mostly because the theme's been beaten to death already if you know where to look. German peasants are a very adverse selected population today, with quite low impulse control, and a tendency to revert to magical thinking in their isolated villages. One who is familiar with 'Germany will note that when the 'German peasants come out of their remote villages and, say, on to Hitler's beautiful autobahns, they lose it at a very visible rate. Any distinctive car becomes a symbol of something astir in the ether, a sign of something to come. Their cognitive biases weigh heavily on this. Sometimes they crash their little village cars into other distinctive cars in protest of a car they believe signifies something that they do not like or are afraid of. Sometimes they crash their big village cars into distinctive small cars in murderous protest. Again, something anybody can witness on a long trip on a 'German autobahn. On a long trip, and if you are a serious person not from a little village, you will note that the 'German peasants from their remote villages will lose it nearby to your car, whether it is distinctive or not. I once traversed an 8km stretch of autobahn in Nordrhein Westfalia on which no less than three drivers of relatively new such vehicles had lost it and crashed either off to the side of the road or into the guardrail on the opposite side of the autobahn. Their drivers had literally all lost their minds shortly in advance of my car's passage and just crashed. And that is what happened to this little girl, Ursula Herrmann. Blond girl on a red bicycle. Very symbolic. Future witch, clearly. So they killed her in an horribly grotesque and rehearsed way. Isn't that nice? No fucking brains at all, these people. And the court case went on for ages with no conclusion. Watch their gait as they walk. Their whole bodies bobble up and down as they take each step. Weird stuff. You can see it with Bryan Kohberger (that originally translates as "Cowtowner", by the way) now too, another 'Germanic murderer in the news. Same gait, same zombie garbage life.

Funny story: the whacko 'German shrink mentioned in these docs who said I was a paranoid schizophrenic because I'd reported somebody stalking me who was trying to stop me from getting my mail to the police, was literally presented with a clear photo of the stalker, as were the police. Now, that's a FUNNY story, but there's a valuable lesson in it: the 'German peasants all observe group consensus very strictly, and once there is a conflict with one who has been definitively caught acting like a total fucking zombie, they all rally around the zombie. The zombie caught out for doing something nasty or illegal will be aggressively defended, sometimes by major government institutions if necessary, particularly if the zombie is a new immigrant: he's Their Guy. It should scare you. I'd have never gone to 'Germany again after my exchange term there in 2010 if it hadn't been for a wedding in 2016 and then a Jewish crime ring that was after me in 2022. Those people are ultraleftist killer zombies, even today. People tend to think the second World War solved it; it hasn't. Today I'd put the Berlin wall around that entire fucking country if I could and lock it up for good.

A Jewish-American fixer visiting (harassing) an American target in Germany. Freiburg im Brieisgau, Germany, 2022.

Figure 1. Proposed Great New Berlin Wall.

"The New Great Berlin Wall will enclose 'Germany in concrete, sealing Europe off from the 'Germans, much as the concrete sarcophagus enclosing the Chernobyl reactor at Pripyat seals the greater former USSR and Eastern Bloc nations off from nuclear radiation."