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"The Problem of (Open)AI"

as a reminder, AI is perfectly safe, for individual humans and society alike, as long as the likes of E-Loon Musk and Sam Altman aren't allowed anywhere near it; therein lies the problem.

look what happens when you do it to Net Baby, folks

In June 2024 I'll present a case study of why investors and developers should NEVER, EVER use OpenAI to develop their own IP or products with. EleutherAI offer GPT-J-6b, an actual open-source equivalent that you can run locally (on your own hardware) and develop for. The parasitic [TRABLUMPKINS] at OpenAI have nothing better to do than steal IP from their clients and criminally victimize their clients' users and family, friends, neighbors, etc. Might as well haul the whole place off to jail. But therein lies the rub - criminals sometimes do have an unconventional sort of utility. As I'll demonstrate. Hold the line...