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Who Poisoned Viktor Yushchenko?

here, let's discuss whether it's funny when people who are considered "hot" get poisoned with industry-leading flame retardants, because I love it when I have to take the bait for fun and get really, really depressingly gauche and out German doctors as horrifying morons


Dioxins are essentially a family of compounds that are typically a byproduct of incineration, particularly of the detritus of the modern world - complex hydrocarbons, plastics, and other manufactured products. Eventually cultivated by chemists across a variety of disciplines for a wide range of reasons, they are equal parts useful to manufacturers of a wide range of synthetic materials, and simultaneously vexing to poisoning victims and the doctors responsible for treating them, as well as foodservice businesses and their inadvertent would-be victims - because they rapidly absorb via the digestive tract into body fat, from which they then dispense themselves into the body again gradually over extended periods of time - meaning that symptoms do not subside for long periods, and the only real cure that immediately removes the poison from the body is full surgical liposuction of as much body fat as possible in most cases.

now that you have the intro, let's discuss Viktor

Viktor Yushchenko was generally acknowledged to be a bright star of the European finance/economics world on the governmental side for a pretty long time before being elected President of Ukraine in an highly-disputed election in 2004 that he in reality may not have even really won. During the turbulent '90s, Viktor launched a new currency for Ukraine, the grivnya, to great success - and with very fine-tuned management throughout, the currency reaching unheard-of levels in foreign exchange - 4.5 to the US dollar or less at the beginning of the 2008-2009 crisis.

Viktor was an interesting guy. You should read biographical information about him on your own. He's still alive, thankfully, and so you should read what he's written and listen to what he's said on your own. I'm not willing to try and interpret him as a writer and translator when he's happy to make himself available in his own words for interviews in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. Viktor was always great about TV appearances and public availability and often went on audience-driven TV to discuss issues directly with the Ukrainian people in depth and with great humility, precision and honesty. But, nevertheless, a lot of people really had enough with him after a while. See, Viktor was "crazy" by American white nigger social proof standards. Victor believed that Ukraine could have been a sort of Switzerland of Eastern Europe, with high-quality legal and economic and governmental institutions and rule of law, while retaining nuclear power and an independent technology sector that continued on from what Soviet Ukraine had built, while maintaining and developing general economic prosperity - while locking out all of the worthless Anglo-American and Russian peasant filth that had tried to break up and destroy the Soviet Union. Tall order, right? Right. See, the whole premise of Viktor as Ukrainian President was that his banking background would keep the place running with functional international capital flows at a stable, favorable exchange rate - not just against the dollar, but against the ruble and the British pound and the Euro and the US dollar. But, by 2010 or so, that progress had waned. Too many requests for Ukrainian self-destruction on which Viktor and everyone else were just like "uh, no, why would we ever do that." Eventually his intermediaries acquiesced to international pressures from the various Niggerhole central banks of the Anglo-American world and from various Russian trade embargoes, and Viktor left office with an approval rating just below 8% as the currency crashed through the floor.

In that sense, Viktor's trajectory was always very predictable from day one. Ukraine in 2004-2005 was almost France to the international investment community, and largely without crazy voters and external military and economic obligations like Russia or the European Union. It was an attractive opportunity for many investors; and yet a risky one in which many old adages about corruption could come into play. And so they did, though through no fault of his own. As with so many Anglo-American white nigger social proof decisions in international politics, the outcome was an highly-coordinated, predetermined one that cost the American CIA billions to produce. Viktor was out. It took over five years for the USA's Anglo peasant filth to produce their desired outcome in Ukraine but the fix was in.

so what happened to Viktor?

Well, it's alleged that he fell ill immediately after a dinner with Ukrainian security operatives upon the eve of his inauguration. This is typically taken to mean that some and/or the entirety of the poisoning was delivered to him immediately at that time, which may or may not be true, but the truth of that matter is that dioxin poisonings are a bit of a difficult thing to pinpoint responsibility for because of the way they're absorbed into the human body and the delayed nature of the most visible symptoms, despite the fact that the most severe symptoms (vision and cognitive deficits as well as lethargy and physical weakness) are often seemingly inexplicable, invisible and occur almost immediately, as well as the notion that the security operatives present at this dinner may have had a variety of different personal interests for which they may or may not have been compensated. I'm not saying that someone from the SBU didn't poison Viktor, and I'd note that the notion of "someone from the SBU" is a very different notion from "the SBU", because finally - I'd note that just like the Russian FSB and the Belarusian KGB, the Ukrainian SBU today is full of worthless field niggers like Vladimir Putin who would never have made it very far until worthless field nigger Mikhail Gorbachev came to power after the death of Leonid Brezhnev. Without commenting much more on that, though, my opinion about the whole matter is that Viktor is not just a victim of an attempted murder as the German government eventually alleged, but actually a very serious medical malpractice case in both Germany and Ukraine who should have probably gone somewhere else with smarter doctors for treatment. (I like Belarus or Turkey if you have a complex internal medicine problem; Tel Aviv if you need surgery, but that's just an incredibly broad overview of emergency rooms and medical training and career selection that turns into an extremely complex discussion.) I say this not only because I am myself a repeat victim of dioxin poisonings as well as the former commercial director of a biotechnology company, and can thus fluently discuss not just how totally fucking useless these doctors obviously were from both an experiential and theoretical standpoint on my part; I say it because I know the Germans did not treat him properly - even though at a legal level they did their best to play his case up for their own interests by declaring him a victim of an attempted murder. Essentially, the matter of his poisoning immediately became a political football to be kicked around Western Europe for Anglo-American intelligence purposes.

Another thing I always wondered about was this: in the late '90s, the Americans discovered that their population of Central and Eastern European fair-skinned males were particularly vulnerable to dioxins because those males were the higher-testosterone variants of that population that existed before the second World War and thus had more facial and other body hair, which in turn rendered them more vulnerable to the most visible symptoms of dioxin poisonings. This knowledge was built through observational analysis of American east coast metropolitan allergist patients, of which I was one - of a Jewish allergist in Boca Raton, Florida by the name of Dr. Weiner, whom I saw at age 9 or so - and so I am actually not just a victim of that analysis by the criminals in the Jewish-American medical community, but also one of the people whose data was likely used as a basis for the poison ultimately delivered to Viktor by one of the SBU's Niggers. It's an interesting situation in an academic sense.

so how does one treat that sort of poisoning?

It's important to remember that dioxins are immediately absorbed via the digestive tract into body fat. Under those circumstances, if you're even aware you've been poisoned, the right next steps involve basically purging your body in any way possible immediately: induced vomiting, laxatives, and then lots and lots of clean water as you reduce your salt intake as much as possible to reduce the availability of chloride ions to body systems. If you miss the window of opportunity for that, and you're fat and have had a significant dose then - as earlier - you might consider immediate surgical liposuction of as much fat as possible, depending on the likelihood of surviving surgery in your compromised condition. Otherwise, you're looking at medium to long-term condition maintenance. You need lots of fluids, lots of steroids (I did well with dexamethasone), continued reduction of salt intake, and lots of sleep. Maybe also lots of antihistamines (famotidine or ranitidine, and fexofenadine) in some cases, depending on whether or not your body develops an histamine response to the chlorination of your skin from inside out, as well as good general anti-inflammatories (Bayer aspirin, up to 5000mg daily if necessary). Your body will eventually dispose of the dioxins but it will take a long time. Another thing that is useful in dealing with the dermatological symptoms is the combination of a retinoid (preferably tretinoin) and hydrogen peroxide, sprayed onto the affected area of your skin at 3-4 hour intervals. Avoid the many retinoid preparations that are mixed with the topical antibiotic erythromicin, as these preparations are intended for sufferers of normal acne and are intended to reduce redness, but in dioxin patients, the face provides an hostile environment for bacteria in any case and meanwhile, erythromicin will actually reduce the flow of blood to the affected areas and thus slow down recovery. But, a good retinoid will help to neutralize the surface-level biochemical effects of the poisoning and reduce long-term damage.

The inside track with what dioxin does to your skin when being treated with a retinoid is that it is almost exactly akin to the inside of your nose. Your nose is a phenomenal thing, both inside and out: the inside of your nose offloads a phenomenal amount of dead squamous epithelium and mucosa every day. That is, in essence, where boogers come from. What happens to your face when you are a dioxin patient on a retinoid is essentially what happens inside of your nose on a daily basis. Essentially, you will develop face boogers to be picked, daily. This is referred to as "exfoliation" normally but it is a little bit more than what happens under normal circumstances for acne patients and those concerned with the aging of their skin - the pores that have been altered by dioxins will be clustered regions of defective chlorinated dermis that has now reached the surface, and those regions will slough off more or less in concentric circles from the outside in as you recover. Don't say you weren't warned. Nevertheless, if you are patient, and use good quality tretinoin and IPL epilation where applicable, you can avoid permanent disfigurement and restore the entirety of your face to normal function. The other thing you should consider doing is using hydrocortisone, a corticosteroid, on your face during the day while you use tretinoin at night. This will keep your skin from becoming dry and brittle, particularly in the winter, as you recover.

If dermatological effects are especially severe, or if you have risk factors for severe dermatological effects - an history of acne, and/or thick facial hair, consider IPL (intense pulsed light) epilation of your face, and as soon as possible. In some cases, dioxin poisonings are incorrectly alleged to have caused a condition called chloract acne, wherein alteration of biochemical processes in the human body causes pores on the skin, particularly on the face, chest, and upper back, to excrete a chlorinated substance in addition to and/or in place of normal skin oils. This tends to create a particularly destructive effect on hair follicles that are located deep within the dermis - notably, on the chin, and to a lesser extent on the cheeks. In reality, the condition in men is typically more along the lines of chemically-induced, dermal-level folliculitis. Burning out those chemically-altered follicles, which otherwise experience long-term changes causing them to output chlorinated sebacious products, with IPL can pre-empt many typically-experienced symptoms, taking into account that the period of dioxin release in the body is long, after initial contamination, and ensuring that permanent disfigurement does not occur. Of course, the potential consequence of this therapy is cessation or significant reduction in facial hair growth, even after the effects of the poisoning have subsided, but because dioxin poisonings typically reduce follicle count anyway, the loss of facial hair is typically a given in any case.

Please note, lastly, that this treatment plan is extremely painful if adhered to correctly. It is orders of magnitude more painful than just, say, waxing your legs (if you're a woman). Your face will hurt every day from the retinoid peel, from the peroxide, and especially from the epilation. No pain, no gain. Again, you've been warned.

Typically, I provide IT consulting - but, believe it or not, I'm also available to consult on health matters. Follow the links on my main page if you need such assistance. I'm happy to consult with your doctors.